10 places in 10 days

You can help us send 10 changemakers from small organisations to IFC for free — all you have to do is register for IFC by 20 September 2019.

Register for IFC 2019
10 IFC places in 10 days

Based on unexpected progress toward meeting our registration numbers for IFC 2019: Time for Action, we have created a new initiative to offer a number of complimentary places to individuals from organisations that do not have the resources or capacity to experience IFC. 

HELP US ACHIEVE THIS IMPORTANT GOAL: If we sell a further 10 places each day over the next two weeks, Resource Alliance will offer 10 places to those at small non-profits, allowing them to join us at no cost*. 

It really is that simple. You can make a powerful difference by acting now and completing your registration

As an added bonus, you will also have the opportunity to submit your recommendation for a worthy recipient when you register.

This is your chance to make a difference for the least resourced organisations in the social impact world, and help us expand the wisdom, talent and perspective of our growing global community!

So please register before 20 September and, together, we can have an incredible impact on those who otherwise could not attend this amazing event!

Register for IFC 2019

*Terms and conditions: The Resource Alliance will allocate the complimentary places based on recommendations from the wider community, for those who would otherwise not be able to afford to attend the event. Individuals will be required to cover their own travel expenses. 

10 reasons to register for IFC 2019

Need even more reasons to register for IFC 2019?

Here are our top 10 reasons for why you need to be at IFC:

1. International speakers: There are over 100 speakers from more than 30 countries – with our commitment to speaker diversity, you’ll be hearing from a truly unique range of voices and experience from around the world. View all IFC speakers here.

2. Social and wellbeing programme: IFC is so much more than plenaries and workshops – it’s an all-inclusive experience with cocktail hours🍸, sit-down dinners 🍽️, wellness classes🧘, and our annual fancy dress gala 💃🏽. View the social and wellbeing programme here.

3. Support fundraisers who wouldn’t otherwise be able to attend: “Attending IFC gave me new tools to work with communities, especially women, to overcome gender-based violence through empowerment and autonomy.” – Daniela Fuentes Moncada, Manos de Colores. Going to IFC on a bursary helped Daniela gain new skills which she’s now using to support indigenous women. Help support other fundraisers by registering for IFC 2019.

4. Masterclasses: Masterclasses area unique experience for a real deep-dive with top-level speakers in a room of international delegates. For example, Afrikids raised £1.2 million after attending IFC on a bursary and taking part in one of our ground-breaking masterclasses. Read more about how they achieved this fantastic result or view all Masterclasses on offer at IFC.

5. Escape your day-to-day: IFC is about escaping your day-to-day and immersing yourself in learning and development for 4 whole days alongside your fundraising heroes, as well as with folks just like you.

6. Learn about the Next Big Thing: At IFC, we push boundaries and take you out of your comfort zone. Join us and you might find the Next Big Thing in fundraising, while helping fund a bursary for a changemaker from a small organisation.

7. Networking opportunities: From meals, coffee breaks and wellness sessions to the conference marketplace and IFC app, there are so many different ways to link up with other changemakers at IFC. You will have lots of opportunities to meet new colleagues and friends, and you’ll make valuable connections for now and for the future. 🤝

8. Inspiring plenaries: William Kamkwamba, also known as ‘The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind’, is to give the opening keynote speech at this year’s IFC event in the Netherlands. After opening with Kamkwamba, IFC 2019 will close with a trio of young activists who, though facing different sets of circumstances, shared the desire to take action themselves to support the changes they want to see in the world. Read more about our opening plenaries.

9. Gala night: IFC offers a full and fun social programme including networking dinners, a Gala Night, and wellbeing sessions, including guided mindfulness and yoga. There is always something going on for everyone!

10. Meet inspiring people: IFC is the only place fundraisers can get together to celebrate themselves and each other’s work. What better way to celebrate all the impact you make than by celebrating with your peers?

Picture yourself at IFC 2019?

Make it happen by registering now.

Register for IFC 2019