The IFC experience is about more than just partaking in inspiring plenaries, ground-breaking masterclasses, and interactive workshops…

At IFC, you will experience a fully immersive conference that includes all meals and accommodation options, facilitated networking events, wellness classes, and our annual fancy dress gala!

Participants will have many opportunities to mingle and connect with renowned speakers, thought leaders, and new colleagues from over 60 countries and 500 organisations.



Meals & Accommodation Options

IFC is an all-inclusive, fully immersive experience.

While your ticket for IFC always includes dining* (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and select wine & beer at special events) as well as access to all IFC-related events at the conference centre, IFC participants also have several accommodation options to choose from, both on-site and off-site in the seaside village of Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

Please visit REGISTER FOR IFC to choose your ideal accommodation option!

*Vegetarian options are always available. Please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions. 

Networking Events

The IFC experience is all about community! You’ll have unique access to 1000 attendees from 6 continents, 60+ countries, and over 500 organisations.

It’s your chance to engage in networking, networking, networking!

IFC is an opportunity to grow and nurture your professional network. Attending an IFC means that you will be in the same room with not only your fundraising heroes and global thought leaders, but also with folks just like you.

We offer facilitated networking cocktail hours and sit-down dinners. You’ll also have the change to mingle during coffee breaks between sessions, while recharging in the Resource Cafe, or while browsing our partner pop ups in The Marketplace. 

IFC Gala Night

Fundraisers and changemakers are passionate people by design, and with their creative drives and good-natured personalities often comes a passion for dancing and costuming!

Held on the final evening of the conference, the IFC Gala Night is always a highlight of the IFC experience!

Each year, there is a fancy dress-up theme (such as ‘Under the (IF)Sea’ or ‘The Seventies,’) and a costume contest awarding the most creative group and individual costumes. We even provide a pop up costume shop in case you need assistance planning your stellar outfit…

The IFC Gala Night also includes a delicious sit-down dinner, a live band, and, of course, lots of disco dancing fun!



At IFC, you’ll not only be exercising your mind… We curate a range of Wellness sessions to give you the opportunity to relax and unwind, and to get your blood pumping!

With all of the intensive learning and networking events, you’ll no doubt also be craving some time for reflection.

During the conference, there will be opportunities for you to join an early morning Yoga class where you’ll stretch your body to new limits or a Meditation session to expand your mind and heart.

Looking for a thrilling way to kick off your day while experiencing the sunrise over the gorgeous tulip fields and seashore of Noordwijk? Be sure to join the IFC Running Club!

What makes these wellness sessions even more special is that they are often led by your fellow IFC delegates! 

During the IFC Wellness sessions, you’ll have the unique chance to connect with new people over yet another common interest. (So don’t forget to bring your business cards along to your Wellness sessions! You never know who you’ll meet…)