In October 2017, Carolina Nyberg-Steiser lost her life in the Brazilian Amazon in the course of her work. Carolina was an incredible young woman with a huge heart and astonishing determination and at just 29 years of age she had, with grace, intelligence and sheer force of will achieved so very much.

Greenpeace and the Resource Alliance, with the support of Carolina’s family, have developed this bursary programme in her name with an aim to empower other incredible young women who care as deeply for the wellbeing of our planet, and the people that inhabit this earth, as Carolina did.

More bursary places announced soon…

Successful applicants will receive:

  • A full delegate place including masterclass, with accommodation and all learning opportunities
  • An experienced mentor to support the learning journey before and after the event
  • Bespoke opportunities to network, share and learn.

The bursary is open to women up to 36 years of age, working in the Social Impact Sector.


Carolina dedicated her working life to the protection of nature, bringing people together to save what is best in this world. She could reach deep into the heart of an issue, grip it, and then reach into your heart and leave it there.

Carolina’s conviction was always that if we are to win the greatest challenges of mankind, Greenpeace must forge new alliances and collaborations that create a greater and more permanent impact than what we could achieve alone. The partnerships Carolina created and the millions she raised enabled not just Greenpeace, but the wider environmental and human rights movements, to drive change for a better world. The influencers who accepted her invitations to join their voices with ours helped to engage millions of people to speak powerful words of truth.

Her skill in securing enthusiastic support from powerful people was inspiring. With her colleagues she freely shared these skills, as freely as she shared her deep and passionate affinity for the world she sought to protect. At home and across the globe Carolina always acted with courage and sought to empower and enable, lifting others up to reach new heights in their work and their leadership.


We are delighted to announce the first women to be selected for the Carolina Nyberg-Steiser programme.

Spriha Shrestha

Communication and Partnership Associate for Restless Development Nepal

Miriam Wilson

Digital Campaigner for Greenpeace Canada

Daniela Fuentes Moncada

Founder of Manos de Colores: Artesanías del Ecuador

Sokchea Seng

Fundraising officer for Transparency International, Cambodia

Karen McGrath

Global Marketing Manager - Ration Challenge for Act for Peace, Australia

Darshana Joshi

Co-Founder for VIGYANshaala, India & UK

Receiving a Carolina Nyberg-Steiser Bursary program place was an incredible privilege. Attending IFC Asia gave me the opportunity to challenge my thinking, learn from thought leaders and network with people from all around the world with diverse perspectives and incredible stories. More than anything it left me with a profound sense of purpose and connection and invigorated my determination to come together with like-minded people to change the world.

Karen McGrath Global Marketing Manager - Ration Challenge for Act for Peace, Australia

The Carolina Nyberg-Steiser Bursary Programme is supported by Greenpeace and the Resource Alliance