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Who are we? The Resource Alliance!
What do we want? Disruption!
When do we want it? Yesterday!

From IFC in the Netherlands to its sister conference in Bangkok, Resource Alliance events are a bridge between where we are as a sector to where we need to be. They bring together, in real time, the most innovative, collaborative and downright fearless agitators to shake up the status quo and introduce fresh thinking. They’re forward leaning and designed to foster the sense of camaraderie and collaboration that the social impact sector needs to survive and thrive. Collaboration is the one crucial, underlying element in the diverse efforts of change-makers around the globe to have a positive influence on a rapidly changing and sometimes frightening world. It turns competition between organisations into a race to find the answers. The world is changing in many ways – not all of them good. We are at a critical time in human history, a tipping point, a moment when we have to decide if we’re going to be agents of change or victims of it. At the Resource Alliance, we opt for the former. Key to that is finding, creating, developing, nurturing creative and forward-thinking partnerships that support sustainability and change the game. Resource Alliance events are designed to help us there.


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