IFC 2018: Together We Can

Ushering in a critical time of collective power and courageous forward movement in the global social impact sector, the theme of the 2018 International Fundraising Congress, taking place 16-19 October in the Netherlands, is “Together we can….”

Collaboration is the one crucial success factor among change-makers who are having the greatest social impact around the world. It …

  • Turns competition between organisations into a race to find the answers.
  • Puts solving the problem at the heart of everything we do.
  • Recognizes the outrageous notion that fundraising is just part of the solution.
  • Creates an ecosystem where the brightest minds put their brands aside to tackle the problems we face – together – and charities pool their knowledge and their resources without regard for who owns what or who gets the credit.

IFC 2018 challenges the trouble-makers and the agents of change to bust through the walls that stand between simply keeping our own organisations afloat and creating bigger, more holistic movements that resonate 1,000-fold over the efforts of any individual entity.

Now in its 37th year, IFC was built on the idea that better fundraising means better results – and it does. But as we stare down 2018, it’s clear that money is the muscle that moves the mission but that money alone, to date, has failed to solve the problems that the global social impact sector needs to solve. It’s also clear that unless we take a hard look at our priorities, our challenges, our shortcomings, our potential, with fresh eyes and fresh attitudes – and adjust not just accordingly, but radically – we’re doing a disservice to the causes and people we serve, as well as to those people who support our work and, ultimately to the world.

Alongside a rich roster of sessions about fundraising, IFC 2018 will showcase strategies for collaboration and models of interconnectedness, presented by world-class speakers and practitioners from every corner of the globe. Importantly, it will focus on movement. And pushing past talking about changing the way we change the world into actually changing the way we change the world.


IFC 2018 Advisory Panel

We are pleased to welcome the IFC 2018 Advisory Panel as partners in planning what we hope to be the best IFC yet! We couldn’t do it without their invaluable input and guidance.

Andrew Cook

The Stroke Association (UK), 2018 Panel Chair

Therése Engström

Red Cross (Sweden)

Anne-Marie Grey


Colin Habberton

Relativ Group (South Africa)

Rob Patmore

Crossbow DRTV (Netherlands)

Kyla Shawyer

The Resource Alliance (USA)

Sophia Story

James Tennet Resource Alliance

James Tennet

The Resource Alliance (UK)

Julie Verhaar

Amnesty International (UK)

Della Weight

Independent consultant (UK)