Our Events

What you can expect from the Global Community

By becoming a member of the Resource Alliance Global Community, you will receive access to a monthly calendar of inspiring events and activities – at least 10 events each month – so 120+ each year, in addition to IFC Online: Virtual Summit.  



Your month-long education experience begins with a short, powerful plenary with someone whose main goal is to pump you up and kick off the month with energy and insight. This view-only session will give you entry into some of the most brilliant minds in and around the social impact sector.

These panel discussions are true mind-openers where a panel of extraordinarily gifted speakers break down big issues in social impact, then give you a chance to ask questions and get information that tailors the talk to you and your organisation.

This highly interactive session takes the big conversation to a smaller forum. The small-group format allows you to dig deep into the big issues. The conversation will give you the opportunity to really explore your thoughts and challenges on the topic of the month and get real-time insights from others.


These smaller-group sessions take on real-life challenges populated by the community, bringing together those prepared to hack and innovate as a team, taking on issues that seem almost universal when it comes to affecting change in our world. You can apply to join the innovation task team or simply observe the conversation as it develops.


These interactive sessions, hosted by local practitioners, will bring the conversation into the local arena. You will have the opportunity to share ideas with colleagues in your own regions who are facing the same types of challenges. While ideas are universal, no one knows what you deal with as well as those who are dealing with the same things.


These quick-fire insights feature behind-the-scenes content from funders from around the world. From foundation leaders to corporates with a conscience, these sessions will help you get into the heads and hearts of the people and entities who are equally committed to achieving social impact.


These traditional webinar sessions, with Q&A at the end, put you in front of some of the leading thinkers and doers in the social impact world, who pull apart the issues you face every day in your quest to make the world a better, safe, saner place. You’ll leave with new insights around old challenges and practical ways to meet challenges head on.


This is the nitty-gritty of fundraising – your 101 basics. If you’re looking for a solid foundation in the fine art and science of fundraising, then these sessions are for you. Listen in as some of the brightest fundraising minds share insight, as well as practical, use-every-day strategies.


A global fundraising jobs board, CV surgeries and career development webinars, the RA Global Community will provide you with opportunities to think about you and your future within the social impact community, with leading experts to impart their knowledge and experience.


From live yoga classes to networking events, the Resource Alliance Global Community promises regular social and wellbeing activities every month, bringing us together to ensure we look after our hearts and minds.