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Get involved with the Resource Alliance Global Community 

Participation is the fuel to progress

The RA Global Community provides an opportunity for people to grow through learning from their peers around the world and grow even more by sharing their own knowledge, experience, time and talent. In fact, volunteering to help one another is what creates the very real potential for a community to become a true social movement. Without our incredible network of volunteers, we simply could not do what we do. Volunteers are at the very heart of our work; we benefit from their skills, experience, diversity and enthusiasm.

Collaborations that cross regions, backgrounds and sectors are essential to building an inclusive global community, and the Resource Alliance is committed to becoming the gold standard in what an inclusive global enterprise can be. An authentic alliance of unique individuals and organisations. A true movement of passionate people of every ethnicity, orientation, belief system, and perspective.

Here is a current (and growing) list of ways you can play a role in helping our community thrive:

  • Become a contributor — From online forums, blog posts, delivering a workshop or speaking in a panel discussion, there are many ways to contribute for those who meet our criteria for excellent quality. Contributors receive a wide range of benefits depending upon the nature of the contribution they make.

Become a contributor


  • Become a moderator — The role of a moderator is a critical one for our community, facilitating and supporting discussion within our Online Hubs. They may also host small break-out discussions. Our Online Hubs are grouped by theme or be region so we’re looking for individuals with thematic or local expertise and an eagerness to commit the time to manage these groups. These volunteers will receive a free membership and will work in a small group. 

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  • Become a champion — Champions will help us grow and rally the community, host conversations and groups, and run in-person events in the future, among other things. These volunteers will receive a discounted membership and are eligible for additional benefits, as well as being officially recognised as champions. 

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  • Work with us to curate and translate in your language — we are in the process of creating a network of translators and ‘trans-creators’ to ensure our community can thrive everywhere. If you or your organisation can provide excellent quality translation or connect us with people who can, you will be eligible for wide ranging benefits. 



  • Connect us with foundations and partners in your region — Just as our community is unique, so too is our approach to strategic relationships with foundations and partners. We are always eager to collaborate with progressive organisations who have a deep and abiding commitment to our communities ability to create change. If you are connected to such organisations, we will be happy to chat.



  • Submit your ideas — The RA Global Community gives us a great opportunity to democratise content. Our discussions throughout the year will cover a wide range of topics, and we’d love to hear what is most important to you! Whether it’s an idea for our monthly programme or a speaker idea for IFC Online, your imagination is truly the limit here – let us know what topics most excite you, who you want to hear from and what questions you want answered. 

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