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The Resource Alliance Global Community is a deeply engaged family of fundraisers and changemakers who are exploring, challenging, and learning from each other every day. Every month — guided by some of the world’s best thinkers and doers — we will curate a powerful programme of events around the following themes:



Managing Change keynote: 23 February, 07.00 EST | 12.00 GMT | 13.00 CET | 17.30 IST

February’s keynote, featuring Ingrid Srinath, founder and director of the Centre for Social Impact and Philanthropy (CSIP) at Ashoka University, will focus on making sense of the events of the past two years, separating the positives from the negatives, and reflecting on what we have learned. Facilitated by international social impact consultant Willeke van Rijn.

Global networking hosted by Blakely: 28 February, 09.00 EST | 14.00 GMT | 15.00 CET | 19.30 IST

Connect with fundraisers and campaigners from around the world to crowdsource knowledge and find solutions to local problems.



Building a Better Way keynote: 23 March, 10.00 EDT | 14.00 GMT | 15.00 CET | 17.30 IST

March’s keynote comes from Change The Game Academy. A diverse panel will present some of the key issues & tensions within today’s global development sector – power imbalances, framing, decolonisation, local fundraising initiatives – & discuss how we can build a path to a better way. Facilitated by Corine Aartman, Programme Manager at Change The Game Academy.

Ask the Expert with Amanda Seller: 24 March, 09.00 EST | 13.00 GMT | 14.00 CET | 16.30 IST

This month’s expert is Amanda Seller, chief executive and humanitarian, global leader in NFP/UN strategy, innovator & entrepreneur, leader & driver of social impact.

Regional networking (Australia & New Zealand): TBC

Connect with local fundraisers and campaigners to crowdsource knowledge & find solutions to local problems. Where possible, we will seek to gather in person.



Fundraising Online 2022: 20 – 21 April

Digitally-focused and delivered online, FRO is the annual fundraising conference created to keep you up to date with the latest in digital fundraising technology and best practices.

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Mobilising Culture Keynote: 25 May, 09.00 EDT | 14.00 BST | 15.00 CEST | 18:30 IST

To mobilise culture is to move people, and to move people is to create change. Sylvia Costantini, Managing Director at Philanthropy & Fundraising International, leads May’s keynote on how we can change the world by mobilising culture in support of our cause. Facilitated by digital fundraising entrepreneur, Howard Lake.

Ask the Expert with Kay Sprinkel Grace & Sharna Goldseker: 26 May, 11.00 EDT | 16.00 BST | 17.00 CEST

This month, meet Kay Sprinkel Grace, Principal at Transforming Philanthropy, and Sharna Goldseker, founder of 21/64, to ask your questions about giving across the generations.

Regional Networking (Africa): 31 May (Time TBC)

Connect with local fundraisers and changemakers to crowdsource knowledge & find solutions to local problems. Where possible, we will seek to gather in person.



Mobilising People Keynote: 22 June, 09.00 EDT | 14.00 BST | 15.00 CEST | 18:30 IST

As Albert Einstein said, “The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.” How do we mobilise the good people our causes need? A panel of inspirational young activists will tackle the question of resource mobilisation beyond money and its place in our new reality. Facilitated by Coumba Toure, storyteller, publisher, and feminist.

Ask the Expert with Tony Myers: 23 June, 10.00 EDT | 15.00 BST | 16.00 CEST | 19:30 IST

In June, pick the brain of Tony Myers, Principal & Senior Counsel at Myers & Associates.



Mobilising Money Keynote: 20 July, 09.00 EDT | 14.00 BST | 15.00 CEST | 18:30 IST

Money is changing. Which means that how we raise it for our causes is changing, too. But what are these new ways of raising money? In July, we will be joined by leading experts to demystify NFTs and the culture of decentralisation coming in Web3.

Ask the Expert with Daryl Upsall: 21 July, 08.00 EDT | 13.00 BST | 14.00 CEST | 17:30 IST

Spend 90 minutes with Daryl Upsall, President at Daryl Upsall International.



Leadership Keynote: 23 August, 09.00 EDT | 14.00 BST | 15.00 CEST | 18.30 IST

Founder of the Rooted Collaborative, Kishshana Palmer, will talk about new leadership which values sharing, collaboration, and service over the old values of exclusion, control, and self-interest.

Ask the Expert with Michael Duggan: 30 August, 09.00 EDT | 14.00 BST | 15.00 CEST | 18.30 IST

Nonprofit CXO Strategic Industry Advisor with Salesforce.org Michael Duggan joins us to explore practical approaches to digital maturity for nonprofit leaders.

Global Networking hosted by Blakely: 31 August, 09.00 EDT | 14.00 BST | 15.00 CEST | 18.30 IST

Connect with fundraisers and changemakers around the world to crowdsource knowledge & find solutions to local problems.



Innovation Keynote: 21 September, 09.00 EDT | 14.00 BST | 15.00 CEST | 18:30 IST

Get ready to be inspired by a diverse community of innovators whose fresh thinking and bright new ideas will give you the burst of motivation you need to take you into Q4. Hosted by Marcelo Iñarra Iraegui, senior public mobilisation and fundraising consultant.



IFC 2022: 18 – 21 October

The world has changed. In October, we will come together to harness the momentum of that change and use it to shape our shared future. IFC 2022, delivered to a hybrid audience online and in person, will encompass a richly-curated programme designed to immerse fundraisers all over the world in the best ideas, the latest concepts, and the most innovative solutions from the social impact sector.



Celebrating our Mistakes Keynote: 22 November, 09.00 EST | 14.00 GMT | 15.00 CET | 18:30 IST

This month, we are celebrating our mistakes and look back on the ways we have learned through failure with Ben Cohen and John Gunn from Good Innovation.

Ask the Expert with Marcus Missen: 23 November, 09.00 EST | 14.00 GMT | 15.00 CET | 19830 IST

This month, join Marcus Missen, Executive Director Advocacy, Partnerships and Impact at Leonard Cheshire.



The Way Forward Keynote: 14 December, 07.00 EST | 12.00 GMT | 13.00 CET | 16:30 IST

We will end the year with a look to 2023 and beyond, courtesy of community favourite Krizna Gomez, futurist and foresight impact strategist. The response to Krizna’s sessions in the past has been phenomenal – this is one not to be missed. Facilitated by Bill Toliver, founder & Executive Director at The Matale Line.

*Times and dates subject to change


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