Crypto Philanthropy 101

2019 Bursary

Crypto Philanthropy 101

About this session

In 2022, over $69 million has been given to the nonprofit sector in cryptocurrency, representing a staggering increase of 1550% on the year before. With an average gift size of over $10,000, crypto donors all around the world are making a difference through a decentralised, borderless, and permissionless financing platform. Who are they, what motivates them, and what can nonprofit organisations do to explore this brand-new funding stream? What are the risks, and is it sustainable? There are many questions, but equally many opportunities.

Our co-presenters Melody Song CFRE (coming from the traditional nonprofit sector), and Lauren Luz (cofounder of crypto giving platform) will explain crypto basics, crypto giving platforms, motivations, incentives, and the future of the new GIVeconomy.