Fundraising through crisis: A case study from Ukraine

2019 Bursary

Fundraising through crisis: A case study from Ukraine

How to prepare for what you hope will never come

When there is a crisis anywhere, we are called upon to double our efforts. It’s what we all experienced during the pandemic. It’s what we all experience when our CEO gets sick or is fired, when there are floods in our cities, when fires break out in the lands that surround us, when a major disease attacks our neighbours, and when war breaks out in our country.

When these disasters strike, we are asked to continue raising funds, and, in most cases, asked to raise even more to offset the devastating effects of a crisis. Whatever the crisis, each brings its own unique challenges. But to fundraise in a war during a pandemic is to face a series of challenges none of us could have predicted

This session presents a case study of three Ukrainians fundraising through the war and provides key insight into what we need to be prepared for when we are hit by significant organisational disruptions, devastating storms, wildfires, raging floods, or other disasters that may invade our communities and disrupt our lives.