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RT @BitGiveOrg: Kicked off @TheResAlliance #IFC2018 #IFCHolland today with Day 1 of #InnovationCamp Who knew a campfire 🔥hammock 🏕 dessert… 4 0 @TheResAlliance
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RT @sociopublico: ¡Parece que gustó! Innovando con datos deliciosos en el #InnovationCamp #IFCHolland 🤤🎂📈
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At our #IFCHolland Speaker’s Dinner, we discovered that there are 801 years of combined IFC experiences in this roo… 1 3 @TheResAlliance
How are your trivia skills? Join us for the #IFCHolland Pub Quiz: 21:30 in the Cheers Bar. Sponsored by @PeerWorks 0 0 @TheResAlliance
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Don't forget to join us for Facebook LIVE during our #IFCHolland Opening Plenary "Together We Can!" Like our page and watch the keynote from 14:00 - 15:00 CEST Wednesday 17 October, 2018. The Resource Alliance
#IFCHolland: Day 1
Welcome to IFC 2018! Thank you to all of our delegates and speakers for an incredible first day of Masterclasses!
The Resource Alliance added 8 new photos — at NH Noordwijk Conference Centre Leeuwenhorst.
Comments Weldon, The Resource Alliance
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Today's the day! WELCOME to our 1000 speakers & delegates from all over the world!
#IFCHolland 2018: Together We Can
Comments I will be there #IFCHolland See you tomorrow! #IFCHolland Would love to year again! :) The Resource Alliance

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