Somehow it's already the last day of #IFCAsia 2018 ☹. But don't worry, there's plenty left to learn 😊 starting at 9.00! 0 1 @TheResAlliance
The Resource Alliance
It’s been an amazing week at IFC Asia in Bangkok - feel very privileged to have been part of this gathering of amazing change-makers! Thank you Resource Alliance Asia
IFC Asia 2018 blasts off with a new film to unpack ...
The Resource Alliance
RT @TammyZonker: So excited to speak at the phenomenal #IFC2018 @TheResAlliance this year. Join us! 1 0 @TheResAlliance
Incredible traditional Thai dancing to close our #IFCAsia Social Good Celebration! WOW! 1 7 @TheResAlliance
It’s our pleasure to recognize the Friends of the Arts Thailand for their Outstanding Fundraising efforts and for t… 0 1 @TheResAlliance
RT @ibeingaman: "You don't have to be an expert, you just see a problem and find a solution"
#IFCAsia 2018
1 0 @TheResAlliance
For our Innovation & Change honor, we are proud to recognize Jack Sim @jackwto. His 45Rice programme is committed t… 0 4 @TheResAlliance
‪The Social Good Celebration at #IFCAsia tonight is dedicated to our great friend, fundraiser, and fabulous human being Kitty Hilton who has passed away after facing cancer with immense strength and grace. We love you and miss you, Kitty.‬ The Resource Alliance
You're never too old to play with Legos! At our #IFCAsia "Play for Good, Play for Gumption" Workshop, participants tapped into the 'creative intelligence of the crowd' to ignite innovation for social good. Comments Really enjoyed the session! Looking forward to the next one tomorrow at 9am Seri Tasripin The Resource Alliance

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