Aseem K. Thakur (Singapore)

CEO, GIVE.asia

Aseem is the co-founder of GIVE.asia, Asia’s leading charity and personal crowdfunding platform that has raised over S$ 30 million dollars for social causes. He also runs Givola Labs which is a digital innovation consultancy that is built on a simple business model of doing interesting work for interesting clients. He is a regular speaker at international nonprofit technology-related conferences and has co-authored articles in a charity fundraising book published by Resource Alliance. GIVEasia has won several awards including SPRING NTU Ideas.inc challenge, President’s Challenge Social Enterprise Special Mention Award and PACT Incubator Programme by DBS FoundationAseem did his Bachelors degree as a Singapore Airlines scholar from the National University of Singapore and studied technology entrepreneurship from Stanford University. He is a Karate black belt, enjoys playing soccer and co-inventor of two patents from his days working at a biomedical device startup in Silicon Valley. 


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