Ajay Mehta (UK)

International Programmes Consultant, The Resource Alliance

Ajay is an organisational development specialist passionate about supporting the growth and sustainability of civil society organisations globally to increase their social impact. With significant contributions in the social impact and public sectors he brings a breadth of experience to support the development of organisations in the areas of strategic planning and overhaul, income generation for sustainable growth, leadership development, and governance. 

The portfolio of his work has ranged from large international institutions to smaller community based organisations, supporting them to review and re-engineer their strategic interventions and maximise impact. At the Resource Alliance he leads on the delivery of the Emerge programme, which has to date built the fundraising capabilities of human and environmental rights organisations, including in Lebanon, Tanzania, China, USA, India, Switzerland, UK, and Honduras. He has held non-executive director positions with national and international charities and with the UK’s National Health Service and headed up a charitable foundation that invests in training and developing healthcare workers in sub-Saharan Africa. 


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