Clotilde Angelucci

Story Lead at TSIBA, South Africa
Clotilde is the Story Lead at TSIBA. TSIBA is a unique social enterprise collective that has successfully invested in ambitious humans since 2004. The TSIBA collective includes a Business School, an Ignition Academy and an Education Trust, working together to produce highly sought after people and successful small enterprises. In this role, Clotilde was able to bring together her biggest passions: Communication, Education and Sustainability. Her goals are to engage TSIBA’s stakeholders and empower them to tell their stories that originated with the gift of education that changes lives. She also focuses on hyper collaborations between partner organisations to amplify social impact
“Receiving the bursary was not only a great acknowledgment for the work we are doing, but it inspired me to push further. What a privilege having the opportunity to listen to some of the most innovative storytellers. The event put me in a creative space where my team and I can achieve more, by engaging our beneficiaries and donors in beautiful narratives that speak about the world we are shaping together.  I can’t wait to see what is next!”