Damian O’Broin (Ireland)

Managing Director, Ask Direct

Damian O’Broin leads Ask Direct, a fundraising and direct marketing agency based in Dublin. He helps charities understand, inspire, and connect with their donors so that they can raise more money to do more great work. He’s passionate about doing fundraising better and treating donors better, all with the goal of making the world better. He’s also been an activist and campaigner for decades. In his younger days he was Deputy President of the Union of Students in Ireland and he is a former Chair of Friends of the Earth Ireland. He can still be found knocking on doors around election time and will happily argue political theory and tactics into the small hours. He was a member of the Fundraising Strategy Group for Together for Yes – the campaign to repeal Ireland’s prohibition on abortion – and jointly led the fundraising for the Campaign to Re-Elect Michael D Higgins as President of Ireland in 2018. 


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