Dana Kohava Segal (Israel/UK)

Fundraising & Management Consultant, =mc

Dana Kohava Segal is a strategist, fundraiser, decision scientist, and management consultant supporting people and projects that make the world a better place. As a Fundraising & Management Consultant with =mc Dana delivers training, strategy, and consultation to the world’s biggest and boldest charities, NGOs, & INGOs such as UNICEF, World Animal Protection, and Afrobarometer. In her work with the Decision Science unit at =mc, Dana designs, develops, and delivers projects that change public behaviour in a pro-social way for organisations including MSF, Oxford University, and Royal Opera House. Dana is an award-winning trustee of Emergency Exit Arts, a Top 100 Charity Influencer, a writer for the national press, and a regular speaker at international conferences. Dana holds postgraduate philanthropy and business management qualifications from London School of Economics and Leeds University.

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