Diane Regan (UK)

Operations Manager at Kintsugi Hope

As well as managing Kintsugi Hope’s day-to-day operations, Diane created and developed the Kintsugi Hope Wellbeing Groups led by her passion to help people realise and fulfil their potential.

In previous roles, Diane has worked in both the corporate and charitable sectors with the final focus on seeking to strengthen the two worlds by bringing them together. As well as being the Mum to four children, she is a singer/songwriter and professional life coach, School Governor and Chair of the charity Christians in Entertainment. Diane is also an ambassador for the popular national Psychologies magazine.

Diane is the first to admit she makes mistakes every day but is grateful that this doesn’t mean she’s a failure, it makes her human. If she had one sentence she was allowed to communicate, it would be that we’re called to love, not to fix.