Liz Ngonzi

Liz Ngonzi (USA)

Founder/CEO, The International Social Impact Institute
A member of The Resource Alliance global Content Team, Liz Ngonzi is a New York-based international executive coach, social entrepreneur, educator, and speaker who helps purpose-driven leaders worldwide to craft and tell their stories, accomplish their objectives, and align their paycheck with their purpose She does so by leveraging her Liz Ngonzi Transforms ICAT (Inspire, Connect, Activate and Transform) Coaching Framework and the distinctive approach to storytelling that it incorporates. She is also the founder and CEO of The International Social Impact Institute, which — through initiatives with the King Baudouin Foundation US, Nelson Mandela University in South Africa, and others — aims to amplify the voices of and increase opportunities for social impact leaders from historically marginalized communities . As an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Fundraising teaching the popular Digital Storytelling, Innovation and Fundraising course at New York University, and as a trainer for organizations such as Candid, Cornell University, and Vital Voices Global Partnerships, Liz has delivered courses and training to thousands of professionals from organizations on six continents, teaching them how to activate their supporters through effective storytelling and fundraising. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Syracuse University and an MMH degree from Cornell University.