Emma Kennedy 2020

Emma Kennedy (Australia)

Digital Marketing Manager, Australian Red Cross

The best Digital Marketing is the stuff you don’t seethe seamless way a dress you were thinking of buying just ‘appears’.

My experience across Google Products, Programmatic, Social, Email and Web means product and campaign strategies are developed with a holistic digital vision.

In my current role for Australian Red Cross, I lead a team of digital specialists with a focus on ensuring organic content is developed with purpose and optimised for search to do the heavy lifting. Supported by paid digital channels to carry that message much further.

Too often we see organisations throwing good money after bad to push their message out. This isn’t an option for the Not For Profit sector where every single cent counts.

Making use of Google and Twitter Grants and working closely with comms and content teams means not only saving money but ensuring our message is relevant to the people who see it. 

See Emma speak at #FRO2020: Engaging new audiences through Tik Tok and other new channels