Eshe Kiama Zuri (UK)

Founder, UK Mutual Aid
Eshe Kiama Zuri is a 26-year-old Black non-binary disabled grassroots activist. Proudly uneducated, Eshe is challenging the hierarchy of classism and university-educated supremacy in speaking roles and conferences, as we should always prioritise those with lived experience and those who have fewer privileges. Eshe is the founder of UK Mutual Aid, the Black-run and activist-forward support network for marginalised people. Running since 2018, and with over 2,300 current members, UK Mutual Aid facilitates community financial and non-financial requests.
Eshe is the creator of the term full spectrum community care, a concept that not only speaks on but also actively shows the importance of building communities from the bottom up and of tearing down and replacing saviourism and oppressive structures with practical, supportive, and sustainable alternatives that prioritise marginalised communities. Eshe is also a doula and Ital chef, providing emergency doula support as well as food and nutrition advice.