Janaya “Future” Khan (USA)

Storyteller, Futurist, Activist

Black. Queer. Gender non-conforming. Activist.

Lecturer. Author. Academic. Ambassador.

All of these things and more, Janaya “Future” Khan has become a leading voice in the global crusade demanding social transformation, justice, and equality. With a mission to produce work that is a clarifying force, they hope to encourage people to use their words as tools and as a lens through which they can orient themselves.

As the International Ambassador for Black Lives Matter, co-founder of Black Lives Matter Toronto, and the former Campaign Director at Color of Change, the reach of Janaya’s work is truly global. As an accomplished lecturer and author, their dedication and bold approach to storytelling has created opportunities to contribute to academic and frontline community dialogue, engaging audiences on the global impacts of the Black Lives Matter movement. They understand, better than most, the true power of the people.

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