Jindy Pal (UK)

Senior Consultant, THINK Consulting Solutions

Jindy Pal has 20 years of significant fundraising and direct marketing experience, both not-for-profit and agency side. Having cut his teeth working for Concern Worldwide; his personal passion for working with organisations whose mission is to alleviate poverty, social injustice and in equality, has led him to work for a broad range of UK and global NGOs, working within a market context or across multiple countries and also within specific regions.

Working in small teams as well as multi-regional and matrix-managed, global organisations Jindy has combined individual giving expertise with strategic leadership, to design, influence, support and guide robust and innovative fundraising programmes across mature, emerging and new markets. Jindy has a hands-on understanding of organisational development and the enablers required to successfully generate income within complex organisations. He has galvanised global fundraisers within organisations to maximise humanitarian fundraising and to align under one, global fundraising proposition.

Having worked across diverse and global organisations, Jindy has exceptional experience in successfully operating across different cultures, from an organisational and geographical perspective, bringing wisdom and good humour in equal measure.


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