Karabo Masedi

Fundraising Assistant for the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation, South Africa

Karabo Masedi is a Fundraising Assistant at the Institute for Justice and Reconciliation focusing on individual donations including online giving and campaigns. She is constantly looking for the next fun campaign to host for donation and having fun at the same time- why having boring fundraising? She holds a Humanities degree majoring in Political Science and Public Management and Governance from the University of Johannesburg (UJ). She believes the future of fundraising lies in the ability for young people to innovate and invest in social development. She also has a passion for travel where she writes about her travel experiences as part of creating a wide circle of friends from different cultures, race and background as part of her motivation to continue learning from others and encouraging oneself to constantly try out new things that promote self-development which can be invested in passions that connect and assist us in making the world a better place. She also volunteers as an Events Coordinator at Aspiring Black Leaders which is a platform that fosters the growth of young black entrepreneurs.