Liu Yan (Singapore)

Cofounder & Chief Impact Officer, School of Gumption

Liu Yan is an award-winning social entrepreneur who has been advocating the new way of working and learning since 2004. In 2016, Liu Yan cofounded School of Gumption with Jack Sim, aiming to develop youth and young professionals to drive change with heart and entrepreneurial dare. She established China’s first coworking center Xindanwei listed by Fastcompany as “The World’s Top 10 most innovative company in China”. She was part of the founding team of Xinchejian, the pioneer of Asia’s maker movement. Liu Yan was also the cofounder and chief curator of China Australian Millennium Project (C.A.M.P), a unique 100-day incubator program designed to train, mentor and empower emerging young Australian and Chinese leaders and entrepreneurs. She is also an experienced design thinking facilitator and program designer.


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