Manabu Nakayama (Japan)

CEO, Valiosa Marketing

Manabu Nakayama is an entrepreneur and a fundraiser who helps charities raise funds, both online and offline, from acquisition to retention. Before starting his fundraising consultancy and agency, Valiosa Inc., the first of its kind in Japan in 2006, Manabu spent seven years as an international marketing professional at Sony Corporation. He was a trainee at Sony South Africa, then an expatriate at Sony Argentina and at Sony Canada for a total of 4.5 years. After a successful career helping Sony grow its direct marketing business, he now manages 2 firms, Valiosa Inc. and Valiosa Marketing Inc., both of which help charities raise funds. Valiosa provides services in areas of one-to-one communication such as tele-fundraising and face-to-face, while Valiosa Marketing offers services in all other areas of fundraising including online fundraising, direct mail, bequest, and surveys. Manabu has strengths in strategy, fundraising communications, and copy writing. 


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