Mihailo Dimitrijevic (Serbia)

Independent Consultant

Mihailo Dimitrijević has been committed to urban development and resilience for the past 8 years. Graduated from Xavier University (Cincinnati, Ohio) where he obtained bachelor degrees (B.A.) in Political Science and International Studies, as well as a graduate degree (M.A.) in Urban Sustainability and Resilience.

Mihailo initiated or was a part of a variety of campaigns focused on local and state politics, as well as, campaigns focused on the local community development and resilience of the city’s neighborhoods in order to suppress social issues and injustice, in the United States and Serbia.

During the 8 years of experience working in non-profit sector, including work in the political campaigns, Mihailo has worked together with a wide range of governmental and non-governmental organizations, such as: The United Way, The Community Building Institute in Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce, Port of Greater Cincinnati Development Authority, Avondale Comprehensive Development Corporation, and informal and formal organizations in Serbia dealing with social justice and human rights.

Community development campaigns and services were done through gathering a wide range of in-kind donations. Campaigns were successful due to the proactive, efficient, and effective approach which led to acquiring goods at no charge, instead of receiving or dealing with cash donations.

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