Ouafa Belacem (Tunisia)

Founder and CEO of Culture Funding Watch
Ouafa is an expert in Resources Mobilization and sustainability & a researcher in topics related to CCI financial engineering. She is the CEO of CFW www.culturfundingwatch.com a leading Cultural and Creative Industries financing platform in the MENA & Africa regions. CFW offers support to Artists and CC entrepreneurs on how to strategizes and raise resources. She is also the initiator of the www.cciboost.com the cultural and creative enterprises’ global community platform. Prior to founding CFW she worked for UE, Oxfam, SNV, Arterial Network, worked & lived in Tunisia, France, Egypt, Mali, Niger, South Africa, Laos and Myanmar. She is board member of the CS interim steering committee for UNESCO 2005 convention, Chief Executive Director for Creative sector at the Pan-African Chamber of commerce and Vise president of Tunisian startups association.