Simon Gee (Australia)

Managing Director, TechSoup

Simon Gee, Managing Director of TechSoup in the Asia-Pacific region, an international NGO with its head office in San Francisco, has over a decade of experience in the NGO and Technology sectors.

Simon is expanding the reach of TechSoup throughout the Asia-Pacific region, particularly in the development and growth of TechSoup Asia-Pacific’s partner network of civil society organizations, technology and development partners in new countries & territories, from Korea and China, to Cambodia and Myanmar.

Under his leadership, TechSoup Asia-Pacific and its partner network of civil society organizations & technology partners have been able to deliver more than half a billion $USD worth of technology product donations, tools and philanthropic services to more than 35,000 NGOs, CSOs, charities and non-profits across 43 different countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Simon is passionate about the important role of the NGO and Technology sectors in creating positive outcomes for wider society. As a digital native who was mucking around building PC’s as a kid, he takes a breather from technology by tending to his garden/veggie patch and is a keen sports fan.


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