Sky Siu

Sky Siu (Hong Kong)

Executive Director, Kely Support Group

Sky has been with KELY Support Group (KELY) since 2011, and was appointed as the organisation’s Executive Director in April 2015. With a background in public health practice, Sky has worked in adolescent health research at the University of HK and local and international community development projects, including those related to girls’ empowerment and education in underprivileged South Asian nations.

Having spent 16 years growing up in Ghana, West Africa, she experienced first-hand the challenges that poverty and lack of access to education and health can have on a young person’s development. In 2005, Sky co-founded a support network in Hong Kong for ethnically Chinese third culture teens.

She became a member of the World Economic Forum’s Global Shaper Community and was curator for the Hong Kong hub in 2015, a TEDx speaker, and since 2016 has been supporting HK welfare development as a Policy Research & Advocacy standing committee member for the Hong Kong Council of Social Services.

Today, Sky’s aspiration for KELY lies in nurturing young people throughout important developmental stages and in creating sustainable impact in substance abuse prevention and wellbeing support for at-risk, marginalised young people in Hong Kong. 


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