Alan Clayton (UK)

Chairman, Alan Clayton Associates

Alan Clayton specialises in ‘Great Fundraising’, defined as large scale, sustainable growth driven by donors who are true believers. ‘Great Fundraising’ has been researched academically and through over 350 global case studies.

Alan is chairman of Alan Clayton Associates, based in Scotland and Denmark and currently active in Australia, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, South Africa, Switzerland and the USA, and working with clients in many more countries, recently Serbia, Austria, Slovakia, New Zealand, Spain and Germany.

He is Managing Partner at the Inch Hotel and Inspiration Centre, Loch Ness, Scotland. Alan is chairman of RobeJohn in Melbourne, Australia and has recently launched London based agency Revolutionise FAB. Other roles include directorships of corporate partnerships consultancy Remarkable Partnerships and legacy specialist Legacy Voice.

Alan had previously held major fundraising and leadership posts at national UK charities and served as Chief Executive Officer of three fundraising agencies.

One of the leading consultants, coaches, creative directors and inspirational speakers, Alan has worked with over 350 non-profit clients around the world. His specialisms are creativity, emotional behaviour, board and executive team development, creative strategy, donor insight and motivation and he has published much original research and theory.

Alan is a keen mountaineer, powerboat skipper and golfer and has a reputation for insight, inspiration and for saying things others don’t dare to.

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