Filipe Páscoa

Researcher & Freelancer, University of Lisbon

Portuguese-born Filipe Páscoa is now based in Brazil, where he is a freelancer and a researcher for the University of Lisbon. Filipe holds a postgraduate qualification in Business Intelligence and is studying for a master’s degree in Information and Business Systems.

Over the last 15 years, Filipe has strengthened his technological background and market entry field experience through leading powerful growth strategies for INGOs such as Amnesty International, SOS Children Villages and Transparency International in Europe and Latin America.

He approaches fundraising and public mobilisation from the growth hacking perspective, which combines automation and optimisation systems and data/intelligence-based decisions with creative marketing.

His most recent obsession is using machine learning and predictive analysis tools – integrated with inbound and content marketing platforms – to reduce the cost per acquisition and improve the donor life time value.