Manny Amadi

C&E Advisory (UK)

Manny is a trusted adviser to some of the world’s foremost companies and NGOs, Trusts & Foundations, and high impact philanthropists. He has been a consultancy leader for over a dozen years, following his earlier careers in the corporate and non-profit sectors. He leads on strategy, programme design and strategic counsel work at C&E, the highly respected Business & Society consultancy which he founded. Manny advises, coaches and writes on sustainable business, inclusive growth, stakeholder engagement, Corporate Responsibility, social innovation and community issues. With a passion for placing societal consideration at the heart of business purpose and shareholder value-creation, Manny has worked in an advisory capacity on a wide range of issues across most continents, with leading multi-national companies including Accenture, Allianz AG, E.ON AG, Vodafone Group, BP, Barclays, Sky, Unilever, Microsoft, Mars Inc., Aviva, IKEA, Hitachi, ArcelorMittal, and Warner Bros. Manny maintains a deep commitment to community and societal issues. In addition to working professionally with a wide range of NGOs and international agencies, including Greenpeace, UNICEF, Plan International, WWF, Cancer Research, Practical Action, UNDP and Nelson Mandela’s Children’s Fund, he advises a number of local, national and international NGOs in a voluntary capacity and has a particular commitment for working to advance the interests of young people around the world.