Reem A. Abdelhamid (Saudi Arabia)

Global Private Philanthropy Team, UNHCR

Reem is a lead expert on global private philanthropy with professional experience exceeding 25 years in top donor/family foundations fundraising in the Arab region and more recently South East Asia. She has worked for UN humanitarian organizations as well as NGOs in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Her areas of expertise include top donor/family foundations cultivation and stewardship, mobilization of resources (funds, expertise, gifts in kind, etc.), planning of high-level events and field visits, devising of bespoke initiatives and capacity-building of potential top donor/family foundations fundraisers. Reem currently leads the Private Philanthropy global team at UNHCR. Together with the team, they deliver support, services and programmes to UNHCR private philanthropy fundraisers in 22 countries. Reem completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at the American University in Cairo (AUC) and has undertaken research work for the University in Exeter on Social Identity Theory (SIT) and its effect on Arab philanthropy. She is a recurring speaker at international conferences. 


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