Sania Khan (Pakistan)

Fundraising Specialist, Happy H. Consulting

Sania has over 15 years’ association within the development sector including assignments with WWF Pakistan, where she was Head of Fundraising and Corporate Partnerships for over six years. Sania has made contributions to many global campaigns and has worked with international teams across Asia Pacific. Currently, Sania is an adviser to several NGOs and public institutions on fundraising, communication, and outreach strategies.

On personal front, Sania thoroughly enjoys being a mother to her tech savvy, naughty, and intelligent young child who loves to ask questions. She strongly believe in power of public opinion and engagement to augment support, earn favourable reputation, and raise funds. Sania considers fundraising a glamorous and exciting drive powered by innovation, experimentation, interaction, dedication, and improvisation. She supports social activism and advocacy by remaining informed, relevant, vocal, and present in the broader landscape of society. Sania sees an upright, inspirational, and passionate leadership style, coupled with profound support and ownership for team members, as key for achievement for any fundraising team. Investing in youth to be the agents of change is inevitable for a positive, greater, and sustainable impact on society. Therefore, Sania advocates inclusion and empowerment of youth in all segments and sectors of developmental world.