Trent Osborn

General Manager: Fundraising, CareFlight (Australia)

Trent is General Manager, Fundraising & Community Engagement, at CareFlight a major Australian aero medical provider which operates a fleet of emergency medical helicopters and fixed wing aircraft. The service brings hospital level care directly to the scene of accidents and emergencies treating and transporting around 5,000 patients a year.

Trent manages a team which generates around $15 million annually in fundraising revenue from around 200,000 donors. Trent has successfully transitioned CareFlight from a regionally focused fundraising operation which was largely dependant upon one key fundraising channel, to a national fundraising entity generating income from a range of diverse, growing and integrated programs.

The last five years has seen strong growth of regular monthly givers from around 6,000 donors in 2012, to 21,000 monthly donors in 2017. This has been achieved through revitalisation of the digital telemarketing regular giving program , plus development of a new face to face regular giving and monthly telemarketing lottery program.