Creating a connected digital experience for impactful fundraising

Posted on: October 2nd, 2018 by Resource Alliance

 In today’s society it is becoming even more important to establish, grow and cultivate your donor base. For the first time donors are telling us what they want to do! They are no longer waiting to be asked to donate- they are seeing something they are moved by and they act. During this session we will look at ways to offer them a collaborative digital experience whilst being able to measure your fundraising impact in real time.

The ‘how’: An interactive session on generating long-term donors through Facebook, Messenger & Instagram!

Posted on: September 27th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

In this session, we are going to dive into lead generation through the biggest social media that is here right now. Together with psychological analyses on used texts and images, we’ll be learning about the brand new 1-on-1 personal approach through Messenger, without losing scalability.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand why lead generation is the best foundation for your donor database
  • Get our first Facebook Messenger results and advice
  • Learn the new advertising possibilities through Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Instagram
  • Find out what worked for Social Blue in the past year
  • How to present your most desired action in an ad
  • A brief look into the future of digital fundraising through social media

Digital fundraising 2.0: Efficiency through automation

Posted on: September 27th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Successful online fundraising is based on user-friendly design, but also and more and more on automated processes that make data available in the right place at the right time. RaiseNow shows how online donations including the associated financial transactions can be seamlessly integrated into processes using the Salesforce connection as an example. Individual, automated donor journeys in different languages and currencies lead to a high level of acceptance among donors. Come and challenge us with your ambitious plans!

Learning outcomes

Participants will learn about the benefits of integrated online fundraising and CRM solutions:

  • in the back office through increased speed and efficiency
  • in the area of finance through transparency & controlling
  • in fundraising through new, more attractive call to actions
  • for the donor through tailor-made communication

Google Ad Grants: Connecting people to causes through free Google ads

Posted on: September 27th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Google Ad Grants empower eligible non-profits with $10,000 per month in free advertising on Google Search results pages. Google’s ads reach large audiences in a relevant, actionable and measurable way and allow non-profits to educate, attract donors, and help people around the world. Learn how to succeed online using the power of Ad Grants for effective and scalable marketing and fundraising.

Learning outcomes

  • Overview of the Google Ad Grants program
  • How to sign up for Google Ad Grants
  • How to create an effective digital marketing campaign
  • How to track the impact of a digital marketing campaign
  • Nonprofit case studies

Ethics, unplugged

Posted on: September 24th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Who matters most to you and your cause – beneficiaries or donors? How do you decide what’s ‘the right thing’ to do? Do you make ethical choices or pragmatic ones? These issues, and whatever questions you raise, will be unpacked by Heather and Ian following his Thursday morning session on ethics in fundraising. You are welcome whether or not you attended the morning session. This is not a presentation, so please come along with your thoughts, questions, ideas – any challenging ethical dilemmas you face – and a readiness to engage in a hugely important issue.

IFL: Global fundraising trends – 2017 results from the world’s 15 largest INGOs

Posted on: September 24th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Following a popular session last year, the International Fundraising Leadership Forum (IFL Forum) – a peer group of committed INGO and UN agency fundraising leaders – will again share how they have improved fundraising performance and driven global fundraising excellence in markets around the world through collaboration, trust and leadership, and by sharing their experience, knowledge and best practices to create a better world.

We’ll look at global combined income trends since 2012 from 15 international organisations representing more than US$20 billion income raised in 2017. Overall these organisations are still growing year on year, but the percentage growth is starting to slow down. Where is this happening? Where has most of that income been raised? Which regions and countries are growing the fastest? Where do we see major changes? How are some of the new emerging markets performing? In what regions do we see the biggest reliance on individual giving? What is happening with corporate and legacy giving?

This session is aimed at anyone currently fundraising in multiple markets or thinking of fundraising in multiple markets. Or anyone interested to know what is happening in fundraising in other countries around the world.


Learning outcomes

  • Understand what the IFL Forum is
  • Insights into market trends around the world by different regions and channels
  • Informed on how some organisations have used insights gained to influence and inform their fundraising strategy.

Facebook Giving Tools – Magic money or strategic opportunity?

Posted on: September 24th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Facebook Giving Tools are quickly and radically changing the fundraising landscape. Supporters love the experience, and many charities are raising significant levels. In this session Nick will take you through some success stories and four practical strategies that will help you overcome the challenges involved with the Giving Tools and maximise this window of opportunity. If you are not in a market that has the tools yet – or if you haven’t switched them on – then come along anyway to be inspired and challenged about the future that is already here.

I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT): The fundraising campaigns that have inspired the sector

Posted on: September 20th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

I Wish I’d Thought of That (or IWITOT) returns to IFC after a three-year break. Be prepared for a fast-paced inspiration session. Nine fundraisers from all walks of life will be taking to the stage — each with just six minutes to share with you the fundraising idea they wish they’d thought of. Why was it smart? What did it achieve? What does it mean in today’s world? IWITOT has been a sell-out event in London since 2012, when Open and SOFII came together to showcase fundraising ideas loved by fundraisers themselves. We’re excited to cast our net wider and hear about fundraising ideas from around the world.


Campaign labs

Posted on: September 13th, 2018 by Resource Alliance
Bring your campaign questions to this interactive, hands-on session in our Resource Café. We’ll help you address strategic or tactical challenges to improve your advocacy or campaigning project. Participants will work with experienced campaign strategists from the MobLab and Purpose to apply the latest campaign design and supporter engagement methodologies. To get the most from this session, identify the campaign element you’d like to work on before joining:
  • Vision: You have a broad problem statement: ‘We know we want to work on X, but aren’t totally sure of what success looks like’,  and the group will work with you to build a vision of what you might be trying to achieve.
  • Campaign Story: You have your vision, goal and theory of change, and you need support building a story that will help you achieve change, inspire people to take action, and start to shift the narrative on the issue you are working on.
  • Creative tactics brainstorm: You have your strategy and now are looking for innovative, creative ideas for how to implement it in the most effective way possible. Maybe you’re looking for a range of new and exciting tactics to build out and test, and would love ideas from colleagues.
  • Deepening engagement: You have a sense of your strategy and main tactics, but you are struggling with how to engage people at different levels, how to deepen engagement through the campaign, and how to build more people power.
  • Open and distributed campaigning: You want your supporters to own and build distributed campaigns as leaders and change agents, not as a passive audience. We’ll look at opening up your campaign, building more leadership pathways, and developing effective open campaigns that build the power of your supporters, your organisation and your issue.

Could it be unethical not to ask for a sufficiently high gift?

Posted on: September 13th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

How can fundraisers ensure they act ethically towards both their donors and their beneficiaries?

There’s an unacknowledged ethical dilemma at the heart of professional fundraising practice: How do you balance your duties to both your donors and your beneficiaries? In fact, some fundraisers would deny such a tension even exists, arguing that what’s right for donors is ipso facto also right for donors. But that’s not necessarily true.

This session will look at the different duties that fundraisers owe to both the donors and their beneficiaries. It will also look at whether as a profession we sometimes afford too much accountability to donors, leading to the challenge of ‘donor dominance’, and why fundraisers have had such a hard time recognising this as a phenomenon and dealing with it.

But what does shifting professional ethics to a beneficiary perspective look like? Could it be unethical not to ask for a high enough gift? Could it be unethical not to use so-called ‘poverty porn’ style images if these are likely to raise more money? None of these is dilemmas has an easy or self-evident answer. This session will attempt to unravel the questions and arrive at some answers.

Learning outcomes

  • Better understand the nature of ethical dilemmas in fundraising
  • Use that knowledge to resolve ethical dilemmas, resulting in better decisions
  • Critically apply new thinking to develop better ethical policies for charities and/or the fundraising sector
  • Critically reflect on their professional accountability to stakeholders

Who should attend: Anyone, junior or senior, experienced or novice, who is thirsty for a more sophisticated understanding of fundraising’s professional ethics that they can use in their day-to-day jobs and in developing better sector policy.

Session style: a mix of presentation, breakout groups and interactive facilitated discussion

Legislation and the donor experience

Posted on: September 5th, 2018 by Resource Alliance


When legislation changes such as GDPR are on the horizon, different sectors and markets tend to approach them in varying ways depending on their organisational culture, leadership, risk appetite and business objectives. Even within the charity sector, there has been an interesting spectrum of implementation with some charities in the UK taking radical action that will undoubtedly impact their long-term income.

But what impact has this had on donor experience?

Join Rachel and Harpreet, both Commissioners on the Commission for the Donor Experience in the UK, as they take a look at some of the differing approaches to GDPR, explore how it fits in (or not!) with the donor experience and examine how some commercial organisations have managed to balance customer experience with legislation change. As big data privacy continues to be an issue, we will discuss how other countries can learn from GDPR to make sure they are both complying with the law and delivering a great donor experience.

Understanding Islamic social finance – Insights into partnership with Islamic organisations

Posted on: August 7th, 2018 by IFC Holland

Come and learn about Islamic finance as a fundraising tool. Islamic finance has been cited by the United Nations and the reports of the World Humanitarian Summit as a promising solution to funding problems.

In this session, an expert in this field who worked with international Islamic organisations, international donors and the United Nations will explain what Islamic social finance is and how it works.

By the end of the workshop you should have a fair idea about the main Islamic finance tools and whether or not your organisation should explore and invest in partnership with an Islamic NGO.

Learning outcomes

  • What is Islamic social finance?
  • Does Islamic social finance represent an opportunity for your cause?
  • Basic facts about the difference between Islamic social finance and other means of faith-based giving

Who should attend: Anybody who wants to learn about Islamic finance as a model of social giving

Getting started with peer-to-peer (community) fundraising

Posted on: August 1st, 2018 by IFC Holland

New to the world of peer-to-peer fundraising? You’ve come to the right place.

During this session we’ll explain the history of P2P fundraising and the evolution of an “asking culture”. Then we’ll dive into the different types of fundraising events and community-driven action campaigns that make up an organisation’s P2P portfolio. Throughout the session we’ll use examples of top P2P programmes that have attracted millions of new community members and generated billions in revenue for nonprofits around the world.

Learning outcomes

  • Learn the bigger picture of P2P fundraising and how it can be a valuable addition to your organisation’s fundraising strategy
  • See how P2P fundraising events and campaigns are effective at increasing brand awareness, community size and revenue
  • Walk away with a clear understanding of how to get started with P2P


Innovating and investing in event fundraising: Lessons in change management

Posted on: August 1st, 2018 by IFC Holland

Pieta House is the largest suicide charity in Ireland and producer of one of the largest single-day fundraising events in the world. Take a journey back in time as Brian reflects on how he’s successfully lead his entire organisation – from his board to his volunteers – through a series of fundraising innovations. He’ll share the highs and the lows of their journey as they shifted their Darkness Into Light event from being just a local awareness walk to the global fundraising movement that it is today.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding the power and potential of peer-to-peer fundraising events
  • Strategy for working with partners and vendors to help fuel innovation
  • Tactics for managing change across an entire organisation


Transformational digital fundraising and engagement: Are you set up to succeed?

Posted on: July 31st, 2018 by IFC Holland

Where should your organisation be focusing its efforts to maximise the opportunity digital fundraising and engagement presents?

This practical session will use real-life examples and research from multiple leading corporates and non-profit organisations around the world to help participants explore this question. The presenters will cover the following areas:

  • Leadership
  • Financial investment
  • Key drivers of income
  • Strategy, people and culture

There will also be opportunities for peer-to-peer learning with other delegates, to measure your own current digital health and to question the presenters, who have lots of experience in helping multiple non-profits around the world navigate the bumpy road to digital success.

Learning outcomes

  • Insights into how leading companies like Facebook, Google and Al Jazeera set themselves up to succeed online
  • Case studies from leading non-profits that show real-life examples of these insights in practice
  • How you can apply these learnings to your own organisation

Who should attend: Digital practitioners and/or those with a strategic interest in digital fundraising and marketing

Positive leaders and dirty secrets: Be the change you want to see in face-to-face

Posted on: July 26th, 2018 by IFC Holland

Will F2F still exist in 50 years? Yes or no?

Please bring your rubber gloves and some hardcore soap, Its time for a cleansing…

F2F is by far one of the largest donor acquisition channels on the planet. But sadly, for many charities, this is a hidden channel, sidelined and poorly managed with many a dirty secret.

This radically honest look at F2F will uncover the facts many of us aren’t willing to admit and highlight the heroes who are leading the way.

With a major focus on quality control and leading positively from the front, Daniel and Thetis will walk you through 90 minutes of dirty laundry and channel changers to help you help us help F2F stay future proof.

Learning outcomes

  • To have some simple but practical ways to improve the overall quality and sustainability of your F2F channel.
  • To have a better understanding of how to engage and communicate with your front-line fundraisers.
  • To have a better understanding of international best practice in quality control of F2F channels

Who should attend: Anyone using or involved in or thinking of using or being involved in F2F



The Neuroscience of philanthropy: A fundraisers’ guide to how supporter brains work

Posted on: June 6th, 2018 by IFC Holland

This engaging and interactive session will take you inside you own and your donors’ heads and introduce you some of the surprising facts about the way we think and make decisions.

Four leading experts in the world of behavioural economics, neuroscience and fundraising will share a number of key principles that will offer you insights about how you can improve your fundraising communications. They will also share the results from a number of live experiments taking place throughout IFC – proving that we are not
aware of how we make decisions and choices. Prepare to be astonished and amazed, as well as equipped with an understanding of why some successful techniques actually work.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how the brain works in fundraising
  • Discover new techniques to engage supporters and donors
  • Develop a more robust and structured approach to calls to action

Who should attend

  • Anyone keen to understand the latest thinking in neuroscience and how it impacts fundraising
  • Fundraisers looking for techniques to develop higher engagement levels with supporters
  • Data geeks seeking a more robust scientific explanation for supporter decisions

The next generation of giving: Are you ready to reach Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X, Boomers and Civics?

Posted on: April 11th, 2018 by IFC Holland

You can’t ignore it: Around the world, donor acquisition rates have fallen. Traditional channels alone just aren’t cutting it anymore. Events are more difficult to make successful than ever. And supporter engagement and communication preferences are becoming much more complex and demanding. Clearly, the traditional art and science of fundraising must adapt or we might be in real trouble.

Join hjc, Blackbaud and Amnesty International to find out how your organisation can tap into the next generation of giving. Using groundbreaking data from the definitive, multi-country study of activists and donors – alongside relevant and riveting examples – we’ll talk you through the new do’s and don’ts of omnichannel and on-trend multi-generational fundraising.

If you’re wondering about multi-channel and multi-generational fundraising, brand building and advocacy programmess, social media, acquiring new and younger donors – or you just want to know how different generations of supporters and activists really feel about social impact – this fact-filled, one-of-a-kind workshop is for you!

Get burning questions answered: Is there a generational difference in sustainer giving? Do young people care about direct mail? Can I make a digital fundraising strategy work for donors over 65 years old? Where do crowdfunding and giving circles fit in? And many others!

We can promise that you’ll leave this workshop with real data, behind-the-scenes case studies and clear directives on where to focus your current and future marketing and fundraising efforts.

We can promise a few surprise visits from senior fundraising veterans who are ready to delve into this report and help you make sense of it for your shop.

500k new supporters from Facebook. Who said digital isn’t scalable?

Posted on: March 22nd, 2018 by IFC Holland

Come on the journey of how Greenpeace UK shifted from a reliance on face-to-face fundraising to generating over 500,000 new sign-ups through video-led Facebook lead generation in two years.

For years in the fundraising profession – especially individual giving – we have been looking for new revenue streams to replace traditional fundraising methods. We have looked to digital as this new potential, but if we’re honest, we haven’t found the scalable volumes that other activities can deliver.

At the same time, there has never been anything like Facebook in the history of the world. With 2 billion active monthly users, the most engaging and immediate storytelling medium ever, an unrivalled ad platform and frictionless donation tools (currently in the US and expanding), it’s ALREADY the next big thing for fundraising.

In this fast-paced, practical workshop, attendees will find out how Greenpeace UK shifted its acquisition strategy – from an over reliance on face-to-face fundraising with challenging retention rates – to a mostly digital acquisition funnel. We’ll describe how new forms of video, Facebook’s ad platform, landing page optimisation and telemarketing conversion delivered high volumes of new donors with much higher retention rates.

Attendees will follow the journey with a workbook. We will cover the organisational strategy and KPIs behind the success, key implementation guidelines/practices and the key challenges that will need to be overcome for similar success.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand how to SCALE digital using Facebook and an acquisition funnel.
  • Understand how to shift to a more agile form of developing content (especially video) that works on Facebook.
  • Learn the key tactics for boosting online-only conversion to reduce the impact on telemarketing.
  • Understand the key organisational challenges and opportunities of moving to a digital-lead generation and conversion programme and key recommendations for how to prepare for these internally

Who should attend: 

  • Individual giving managers and practitioners (not just “digital”practitioners)
  • Digital managers and practitioners
  • Marketing campaign managers
  • Storytellers / campaign content producers
  • Campaigners / advocacy staff

Session style: We will split the session into parts. The first part will focus on the organisational strategy behind the success. For this part we will inspire attendees with the success metrics Greenpeace UK has achieved. The second part will focus on implementation. We will provide guidelines/recommendations to help organisations develop key elements to deliver a successful FB programme. The third part will address some of the key challenges and bottlenecks that will need to be overcome.

How to bring your charity to life (from a donor perspective)

Posted on: March 22nd, 2018 by IFC Holland

Three case stories on donor experience and donor journeys – and a how-to guide.

This workshop focuses on a key trending topic: delivering an excellent donor experience (DX) or donor journey. Basically, it’s how you communicate value of a donor’s taking part in your mission – and how you create trust, loyalty and a higher degree of engagement (aka more funds for your cause). We will look at five different ways to use DX to improve your fundraising outcome – from retaining your regular donors to offering a freemium for prospects. You will get five how-to guides in the form of blueprints to be able to plug and play after IFC.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand what Life Time Value is
  • What the key elements for a donor experience are, and how you want to work with automation to make it happen
  • Why having a multitude of donor experiences is similar to having a differentiated products/fundraising portfolio.
  • Why making the journey fit the donor, not just fulfilling an organisational goal, is a good thing
  • Five ways to use a donor experience

Who should attend: This session is for fundraisers working with developing relationships with prospects and donors, wondering how to make a donor experience come to life.

Session style: This session will be presentation style going through the theory behind donor Life Time Value and donor journey. Two quick quizzes will engage the audience, and there will be a Q&A session based on the quiz results. Highly interactive and very practical.

Radical future: How digital-first campaigning organisations are changing fundraising forever

Posted on: March 1st, 2018 by Resource Alliance

So many of our organisations have an eternal fight between fundraising, communications and campaigns. In 2014, SumOfUs completely changed its fundraising model by introducing “integrated campaigning” – supporter communications focused on taking its members on a journey that seamlessly integrated the old foes of fundraising and campaigning together and led to a huge boost in income.

This workshop will introduce the digital-first approach adopted by SumOfUs and used successfully at other online campaigning and political organisations – Mozilla, UpLift and DiB – covering list building, long-term engagement, and fundraising. We’ll talk through the internal challenges to make the change possible, and highlight some of the model’s biggest successes – including unlocking the giving power of baby boomers. We’ll also introduce ground-breaking research into online supporter communications and will talk through a step-by-step process of how
to structure your teams and develop strategic plans to enact these changes.

We’ll also touch on the data-driven decision making, testing and optimisation culture to help make true, radical change in our sector possible in an increasingly digital world.

Learning outcomes

  • An understanding of the basics of integrated campaigning – and that it’s about working with others in your organisation, no matter what your organisation’s purpose is
  • How to build a solid integrated strategic plan
  • How to successfully build an engaged email list
  • How to raise more money online

Who should attend: Fundraisers from campaigning organisations, fundraising team leaders or campaign team leaders who want to break down internal silos; people who want to get better at online fundraising but don’t know where to start; and people who want to get better at engaging supporters and/or working more closely with others in their organisations to make their mission possible.

Session style: It will be a mix of a traditional presentation with some slides, plus a true workshop where participants will be encouraged to do small exercises to help kick-start a new way of thinking.

Multichannel fundraising with a single-minded proposition

Posted on: February 28th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

The purpose of this session is to outline and explore The Fred Hollows Foundation experience of creating, then continuously using a single-minded mass market fundraising proposition within the context of its growing multichannel fundraising acquisition and retention campaigns (including, direct mail, F2F and regular giving, telemarketing, online and digital, media and above-the-line). We will demonstrate how this thinking has evolved over time, and what the data on the growth of our various programs revealed along the way – and how that affected our fundraising strategy. It will also touch on the challenges of adapting the brand proposition when entering new international markets. In doing so, we will aim to provide insights to other organisations, working to identify their own unique selling point. This should equip fundraisers with tools, tips and guidance when re-examining and planning changes to their own individual giving fundraising proposition or approach, and when considering expanding operations into new markets.

Learning outcomes
• Understand one organisation’s experience of arriving at and using a single-minded fundraising proposition – pros and cons
• Learn from the challenges of our own experience
• Take away some recommendations to guide their own fundraising strategy
• Reflect on how to improve their own fundraising approach and unique selling point as a result.
• Leave with some tips, tricks and ideas to test and implement in the context of their own organisations

Who should attend: The session is open to everyone but principally aimed at and would be of interest to individual giving fundraisers, direct marketers, regular giving and F2F specialists, direct mail specialists, managers of multichannel fundraising teams, staff from medium to large organisations, NGOs expanding into new international markets, and organisations looking for inspiration on brand messaging and proposition development.

Session style: Engaging and interactive presentation format including audio-visual elements to showcase the evolution of The Fred Hollows proposition and approach. Will include tangible cases studies and examples of our fundraising campaign initiatives, ideas, materials and collateral across the various fundraising programmes and channels – and how they are deployed and revisited in various formats and donor engagement touch points from acquisition to retention. We will be providing a detailed presentation with evidence and data supporting our journey.

Engage. Connect. Mobilise: Phone done right

Posted on: February 28th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Ever invited supporters to a “Telephone Town Hall”? Used a “Hustle Bank” to simultaneously have hundreds or thousands of personal, one-to-one SMS conversations? Delivered a regular giving program via text or used WhatsApp to mobilise supporters? Increased engagement or thanked supporters via radio-quality phone messages?

We will bring examples from the UK, Canada and the US of non-traditional phone and smartphone technologies that increase engagement and donations. Phones are not just a direct ask channel, but also a tool for engagement, mobilisation and relationship building.

As we explore these techniques and tools, we will look at when and how they can be deployed across the supporter journey and relationship, as well as how phone is being integrated with other channels to maximise impact and engagement.

Learning outcomes
• How phone and mobile are being used beyond traditional fundraising calls
• How and when to use phone to engage and mobilise, as well as fundraise
• Phone equals mobile equals digital
• Understand how the phone integrates and contributes valuably to a wider conversation and supporter journey

Who should attend: Individual giving and mid-high-value managers, supporter engagement and retention staff, and innovation and strategy managers/directors

Session style: Use of case studies and product demos

Driven by the need: Innovative mid-level strategies that deliver engagement

Posted on: February 18th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Understanding what donors need from your organisation is the first step in developing successful mid-value donor programmes. Every country is different. So what motivates people to give? What do they really need to feel valued and motivated? Although these factors may differ from across the globe, mid-level donors have one thing in common: They need more from us in order to do more!

In this masterclass, based on 12 years of donor needs research from the UK, Canada, Australia and most recently the U.S conducted by BlueFrog Fundraising, we will look at direct recruitment to high-value giving, how digital is helping us better connect and deliver on donor needs, and even how we are moving from personal solicitation to personal concierge to better deliver donor engagement. See how donor research has revolutionised a Canadian Hospital’s mid-level programme (and raised 50 percent more in the process), and how it is being integrated into the overall programme to deliver an experience that donors love and want to give to.

We will help you develop a tactical plan you can apply to your own mid-value programmes to raise more money through a new approach of engagement and collaboration.

If you are serious about transforming relationships with your donors by understanding what they need and how to deliver it – this is a masterclass you will not want to miss!

Learning outcomes

  • Discover the key need states of mid-level donors from around the world and the key differences by country on what they really need to do more
  • Learn how to incorporate need states into your programme to change how mid-level donors experience your organisation by changing your tactics in mail, digital, etc.
  • See how different strategy and tactics are changing how donors want to engage – what’s working and what can work for you
  • Develop practical framework of tactics to incorporate into your own programmes and raise more money from this vital group of donors

Who should attend: Large shop mid-value or high-value fundraisers who want to do more with the programmes; large or small shop fundraisers who are working to develop mid-level giving programmes

Session style: This session will be 60 percent teaching and sharing and 40 percent participation and hands-on. Participants will be asked to submit one of their mass or low-value campaigns prior to the session – and several will be chosen to demonstrate how campaigns can be moved from mass to mid-value through mail and digital in practical ways. We will actually transform their campaign creative to show them on the second day of masterclass how the campaign could be evolved.

The amazingly ultimate #donorlove fundraising masterclass for fantastic fundraising superstars!!!

Posted on: February 18th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Your donors aren’t simple and they don’t fit in one box. They’re complicated humans who give money and time and go to work and vacation with friends and binge watch TV. They live off-line and online. They think about love and death and they dream about making a difference. They are beautifully inconsistent… and they are everywhere.

You understand this. You’re a great fundraiser. And this masterclass is for you. This masterclass is everything for everyone: Three very different fundraisers bring their expertise and experiences of digital, face-to-face, DM, design, telephone, corporate fundraising and more to present the ultimate 6.5-hour guide to fundraising. Together we can bring all the channels together, showing love for donors through an integrated programme and raising more.

You’ll come out of this masterclass with a solid grasp of all things fundraising and an understanding of how all the pieces fit together. You’ll have the confidence to raise more money and the tools to be an all-round fundraising powerhouse.

Learning outcomes

  • How to use digital to allow you to do more with fewer resources
  • How to find, create and share beautiful stories that resonate with values and emotions – from urgent appeals to legacy letters and everything in between
  • Everything you need to write your own donor love story (a robust and awesome contact plan that will inspire and engage your donors like never before)
  • Tips, tricks and ‘nudges’ you can implement tomorrow, no matter how big or small your organisation or your budget
  • How to create campaigns, and a whole fundraising program, that make you feel good as a fundraiser and make your donors feel great too!
  • Specific writing and design techniques that are raising more money right now — and building amazing donor relationships
  • How to show the love and ask for money on the phone, face-to-face, through DM or digital

Who should attend: Fundraisers who want an all-rounder masterclass rather than focusing one one area; small-shop fundraisers and managers who oversee multiple channels

Session style: Primarily teaching with some hands on, guided by four teachers. Lots of audience participation and flexibility to deal with attendees’ specific goals.

Long-term income unlocked: Building a sustainable legacy giving programme

Posted on: January 22nd, 2018 by Resource Alliance

The siren call of ‘quick’ donations – even those from ongoing or repeat campaigns that are part of an overall fundraising strategy — can be alluring. But sustainable income is key to an organisation’s long-term success. An in-depth, step-by-step how-to for building a legacy programme from the ground up, this masterclass will take you through the building blocks of creating a sustainable legacy programme, covering areas such as how to select your audience, what marketing you can do straight away, more long-term strategies, managing stewardship and internal expectations, and forecasting.

Learning outcomes

  • How to test your market and establish your audience;
  • To have a solid marketing strategy covering short-, mid- and long-term options
  • To be able to have a stewardship plan
  • To be able to provide an exceptional supporter journey

Who should attend: INGOs looking to start a legacy programme

Session style: A full mixture of audience participation, teachings from Greenpeace and other NGOs around the world, and hands-on, practical application of the theory

A radically honest look at F2F fundraising: Global F2F specialists challenge the idea of quality control

Posted on: January 22nd, 2018 by Resource Alliance

We all have dirty secrets — and awesome ones too! Quality control in F2F is a huge challenge, and something anyone involved with the channel is constantly battling with. But arguably it’s a topic that isn’t discussed openly, enough. This masterclass brings together F2F specialists from UNICEF and Greenpeace to lay ALL their cards on the table to challenge themselves, the organisations they represent and the industry itself on the topic of quality control in F2F. The session will break this massive subject down to five key areas:

  • Communication: script writing, storytelling and fundraiser engagement
  • Fundraiser recruitment (agency and in-house): on-boarding, performance management and contracts
  • KPIs: data analysis, donor profiling and reporting
  • Managing behaviours: creating codes of conduct, mystery shopping and the impact of an F2F culture
  • Locations: site management and public perception

This deep dive into quality control will open your eyes to international bad practice and best practice. By understanding where we have gone wrong and listening to those who have got it right, we will share with you some practical and revolutionary insights into quality control that will help you optimise your F2F channel.

Learning outcomes

  • To understand and have a clearer idea of international best practice approaches to communication
  • To better understand, through the delivery of global qualitative and qualitative research, the impact of better understanding and managing behaviours and culture in F2F teams
  • To better understand the meaning of the phrase “quality control” in F2F

Who should attend: Anyone interested in using F2F as an acquisition channel or already involved with F2F, agency owners, agency managers, individual giving specialists, acquisition managers, F2F managers, etc.

Session style: A mix of participation, hands-on exercise and teaching

Innovation Sprint: Boosting creative collaboration in teams and organisations while hatching brilliant ideas and having FUN!!!

Posted on: January 22nd, 2018 by Resource Alliance

This masterclass provides a theoretic framework, hands-on experience and a good understanding of ‘professional creativity.’ Fun and fast-paced, the session will explore a simple framework for innovation and structured idea development, providing useful principles and concrete tools to boost creative collaboration in teams and organisations.

Learning outcomes

  • Creative principles: What are good working principles/rules to boost creativity?
  • Framework for innovation and idea development: How do we DO creativity? Can creativity be structured?
  • Toolbox: A step-by-step guide through the idea-development process with tools for generating, selecting and developing innovative ideas with potential.

The Digital Campaign Hot House: 48 hours to build the most awesome digital campaign the world has ever seen

Posted on: January 22nd, 2018 by Resource Alliance

This session builds on our innovative and very highly rated ‘digital appeal hothouse’ from IFC 2017. We’ll start off by sharing the creative principles and successful studies from causes that have engaged support and raised real money online. Then you’ll work in groups to create campaigns around a brief you help create. As well as the speakers’ expertise, you’ll have access to virtual support from specialist digital designers, online influencer researchers and social media marketing experts. Working as a group to tight time scales, you’ll also be exposed to some of the theory and practices of agile working that will give insight into the culture required to be a successful digital team. Finally, the group will feed back on your work and we’ll round up the lessons you can take away to implement in your own organisations.

Learning outcomes

  • How to creatively build a digital campaign from scratch
  • How to work as a team in a very short time to agile working methodologies, gaining insights into successful digital culture and working practices
  • How to plan a multi-faceted digitally led campaign

Who should attend: It is for people who are or will be hands-on running digital campaigns either nationally or internationally in a non-profit organisation.

Session style: Some input from the speakers but primarily hands-on group work to build out the campaign for real with an experienced digital team to support the delegates at every stage

The incredible impact and ROI of P2P: Understanding the true power and potential of investing in community fundraising

Posted on: January 4th, 2018 by Resource Alliance

Most likely, you already have a community of donors… but wouldn’t it be game-changing to have a community of people who participate in events and campaigns and fundraise on your behalf?  Or maybe you’ve been doing some crowdfunding… but what about crowdfundraising?

In this masterclass, we’ll take a deep dive into the power of peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising and learn how to leverage your community’s personal networks to attract more supporters and raise more money for your cause. We’ll discuss the types of P2P and showcase some of the coolest, most successful P2P programmes from around the world. We’ll also explain the costs and benefits of investing in P2P and test your organisational readiness.

Bringing theory to life, the session will feature an in-depth case study from Pieta House, an Irish charity that, in its relatively short history, has developed one of the largest P2P fundraising events in the world. The Pieta House CEO will share successes, challenges and insights gained because the organisation chose to invest in P2P.

You’ll walk away with a solid understanding of the power of P2P fundraising as well as an action plan for how to begin a P2P program that you’ll be excited to implement when you return to the office!

Learning outcomes

  • Overview of the types of P2P and the level of investment needed
  • Understanding the many benefits of P2P fundraising
  • Conducting an organisational readiness assessment
  • Creating a P2P action plan

Who should attend: Organisations that are not yet doing P2P fundraising, or those who might have tried P2P but have not had much success

Session style: A blend of teaching, sharing and some hand-on exercises