Community platform session

Posted on: October 3rd, 2019 by Resource Alliance

More info to follow soon…

So, you want to get involved with the Resource Alliance?

Posted on: October 3rd, 2019 by Resource Alliance

More info to follow soon…

So, you want to speak at the IFC?

Posted on: October 3rd, 2019 by Resource Alliance

Would you like to be speaking at the IFC next year!? Then come along to this session to hear from Advisory Panel members involved in the IFC speaker and session selection process. They will explain how to apply to speak at the conference and provide insights into the thorough proposal vetting process that whittles down the hundreds of submissions we receive each year into the relatively few who are invited to speak. Learn about the various factors taken into consideration – from the previous speaking experience and expertise of the applicant, to the diversity and balance of the speaker line-up overall – and maximise your chances of getting selected when you send in your ideas. There will be plenty of time for questions too. We are always looking for new speakers to join our roster, so we’d love to receive your proposals for IFC 2020!

Networking table topics

Posted on: October 3rd, 2019 by Resource Alliance

This session presents the opportunity to join a table of your choice and discuss a ‘hot topic’ with delegates who share the same interest. There will be five topics in total, with a lead discussion facilitator on each table – the topics below have already been confirmed, and the others will be soon! If you’d like to suggest a topic for a table, please just email ifc@resource-alliance.org.

  1. Topic 1 – Global principles for regulation and self-regulation on fundraising
    Faciliated by: Eszter Hartay, European Center for Not-for-Profit Law (Hungary) & Pia Tornikoski, Torni Consulting (Finland)
  2. Topic 2 – Fundraising from mass participation events
    Some say that mass participation events are becoming increasingly difficult to fundraise from, yet we’re seeing some events continue to raise record amounts for good causes. The discussion will focus around best practice, how to know which events to invest in and how you can maximise the opportunity for your supporters.
    Facilitated by:
    Kenneth Foreman, London Marathon Events (UK) & James Wright, Sue Ryder (UK)
  3. Topic 3 – The challenge of far-right fundraising
    Facilitated by: Martin Georgi, Board Member, EUConsult (Germany)
  4. Topic 4 – The future of professional education in the fundraising sector
    What is needed to make it worthwhile? What do you expect when attending certified courses? What do fundraisers and heads of fundraising/CEOs feel are important required skills? What is important in order to create a certification that is recognised across Europe?
    Facilitated by: Charlotte Rydh, Swedish Fundraising Association
  5. Topic 5 – Board of Directors and fundraising: how to involve and keep them tight to development
    Engaging the governance is among the most critical issues for everyone involved in fundraising, yet having the Board of Directors “on board” is vital for development. This discussion will focus around how to (practically) engage Boards and make them the best ambassadors (and fundraisers, too) for our organisations.
    Facilitated by: Simona Biancu, Fundraising and Philanthropy Advisor, ENGAGEDin (Italy)

IFC introducing…. Corporate fundraising insights

Posted on: October 3rd, 2019 by Resource Alliance

Two up-and-coming speakers take to the stage in this hour to share their corporate fundraising insights.

Damian Chapman, from Police Care UK, explains why corporates have an unfair reputation as the ‘problem-child’ of fundraising – it’s no wonder corporate fundraising generates such poor returns given that charities insist on doing the same things, using the same methodologies, within the same strategic framework. Damian urges you to throw the corporate fundraising rulebook in the bin and will share examples of three charities doing things differently (and successfully!)

Katalin Kovácsné Béres, from SOS Children’s Villages International representing region CEE / CIS, will share her thoughts on why consistency & co-creation are so important for shared impact in this ‘new era’ of partnerships. Using case studies and examples of good practice from Eastern Europe, she will explore questions like: What is the key for developing and stewarding meaningful long-term partnerships? What are the criteria for a satisfying partnership for both parties? Does pitching still work? Come along to hear the answers!

IFC introducing…. Events in a digital world

Posted on: October 3rd, 2019 by Resource Alliance

Three up-and-coming speakers take to the stage in this hour to discuss fundraising events in a digital world.

Sara Hoshooley from Cystic Fibrosis Canada will talk about best digital practices for fundraising events – specifically those that fundraise via peer to peer giving. She will explore: Tailored messaging, communicating impact, hidden ways to boost fundraising potential, turning event donors into ongoing supporters and why stewarding your event participants will provide one of the greatest returns on investment.

Alex Brekke from Fundraising Byrån in Sweden will show how Amazon Watch employs digital fundraising, events and traditional methods in an integrated strategy in order to grow the organisation’s donor base, including how having a clear strategy helped them maximise fundraising efforts when their cause turned viral during the Amazon rainforest fires in August.

Finally, Tatiana Martins de Souza from Conservation International Brazil will speak about events as a great opportunity to be with donors and potential donors in an informal and light environment to cultivate the relationship. She will focus on the example of CI-Brazil’s last annual event for board members and partners which resulted in a corporate partnership of 1 million euros.

Better public speaking for good

Posted on: October 3rd, 2019 by Resource Alliance


As a fundraiser your public speaking is so important. How you deliver your message can be the difference between someone donating, volunteering, or doing nothing. We can all benefit if we have better public speakers working in the charity sector.

This session will give you tips and tricks to improve your public speaking. You’ll come away with the tools to feel more confident and effective the next time you make a presentation to your supporters, your co-workers or your Board.

Everyone starts off scared of standing in front of a room full of people – this session is your first step towards eliminating that fear!