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IFC Asia 2020

Announcement from RA Trustees on planning and timing of the next IFC Asia


Dear IFC Community Members across Asia and around the world,

We are writing with important news about planning that is underway for the next IFC-Asia, and to notify you of our decision to postpone the event for 2019. Though the decision may be disappointing for all of us, it actually reflects a deep strategic commitment to the event and the future of Resource Alliance in the region.

To begin, we cannot be more pleased with the feedback we have received from IFC Asia, and the impact it is having for social impact organisations across the region. It is clear the “IFC Experience” is every bit as valuable for people around the world, and the ecosystem we were seeking to build is thriving—as ideas and insights are being “cross-pollinated” from West to East and East to West, North to South and South to North!

In fact, the past two IFC Asia events have been so successful we have decided to invest in putting the financial and human resources in place to ensure it can become a lasting part of Asia’s social impact landscape.

Over the past two years, Resource Alliance made a large strategic investment to prove the viability of an Asia-based conference. Now that the events are an unqualified success, we have begun working with strategic funders, transformative partners, academic institutions, and volunteer organisations to develop the regional infrastructure that will guarantee IFC Asia has the same 40-year legacy of our flagship event in Holland.

This work—along with the fact that we are conducting an analysis of optimal timing for such a large conference—means our next IFC Asia will occur in calendar year 2020. 

That said, 2019 promises to be the most active year in Asia in Resource Alliance history, as we are planning a series of smaller events across the region. Please pay close attention to social media and our email correspondence to learn about upcoming Pop-ups, Lightning Talks, and Leadership Forums in your area, and, as always, please contact my colleague, Ruby Chadwick (Ruby@resource-alliance.org), to share your thoughts, offer advice, and recommend resources to help us develop our 2019 Asia events and to ensure IFC Asia 2020 will be the best ever!


With Respect and Gratitude,


Board of Directors

Resource Alliance

IFC Asia 2018 bursary recipients