Taher Alhatef

Civil Society Representative at AWTAD Anti-Corruption Organisation, Yemen

AWTAD specialises in the field of transparency, good governance and combating corruption, and it achieved this through various programs and activities, the most important of which are: studies and research – development of legislation and laws (the organisation is a member of the committee to study and develop legislation related to combating corruption in Yemen); community oversight and accountability; investigations into corruption crimes and presenting them to the courts and regulatory agencies; launching targeted national campaigns; holding seminars and workshops; awareness and media programs; and establishing community partnerships.

Jemimah Kutata

Programme Coordinator at the Association for the Physically Disabled, Kenya

The Coast Branch of APDK was set up in 1971 to provide rehabilitation services to physically handicapped persons in Coast Province. The Association currently operates 4 programmes namely the APDK Rehabilitation Clinic with Mobile Clinic Services and Community Based Rehabilitation Programme, the Bombolulu Crafts Workshops and Cultural Centre, the Likoni Furniture Workshop, the Mobility Aid Workshop which produces wheelchairs and the Income Generating Programme “FAIDA” which assists persons with disabilities to start their own small scale businesses.

Arun Daniel Yellamaty

Founder of Youngistaan Foundation, India

Youngistaan Foundation, an NGO based in Hyderabad, India is built on a volunteer-driven model of social change, we organize socially aware citizens to help underserved communities transform the quality of their daily lives. We lead multiple programs that make empathetic interventions targeting the core issues of poverty, homelessness & hunger, educational inequality, gender discrimination and cruelty against animals. Our vision is to open up relevant dialogues on these social issues in our community and affirm the dialogues with grassroot operations. We nurture young leaders by cultivating socially just mindsets through sustainable problem-solving practices.