Breaking the rules: Digital fundraising during a pandemic

Lessons learnt from responding to people’s suddenly online behaviour changes during the pandemic



About this session

What are the lessons learnt from breaking the rules to respond to sudden changes in people’s online behaviour due to the pandemic? Rhiannan Sullivan and Andrew Taylor-Johnson will demonstrate how different organisations adapted, broke their own rules, and implemented successful survival strategies that we can all learn from moving forward. Human rights charity Liberty, global conversation and wildlife NGO Fauna and Flora International, and UK charity Cats Protection all heavily ramped up their email acquisition and engagement efforts throughout the last year. Subsequently, and largely through each of their unique email journeys and digital strategies that used successful storytelling, advocacy-based lead generation, content testing & optimisation, rule-breaking, and grit, these organisations’ efforts saw staggering results. You’ll get insights and lessons on email best practice and strategy and find out what works, what doesn’t, and what can happen when you break industry-established rules and ignore convention.

Aimed at

  • Digital fundraisers
  • Heads of mobilisation and fundraising
  • Digital marketers
  • Supporter acquisition teams
  • Individual giving teams
  • Supporter engagement teams
  • Heads of fundraising & engagement
  • Heads of digital

Learning outcomes

  • Clear data and proven results with actionable insights on how organisations can immediately improve their online fundraising results while also generating meaningful engagement with their cause
  • Insights and lessons toward email best practice and strategy
  • What we can learn from accelerated digital growth during a global pandemic and how we can sustain it post-lockdown
  • The value of playing the long game and of platform diversification and flexibility