Kelly-Eve Koopman (South Africa)

Artivist, Backyard Pitch / Independent
Kelly-Eve Koopman is an activist storyteller who works across genres and disciplines. With her partner Sarah Summers she has co- developed the webseries and dialogue platform Coloured Mentality and its associated storytelling hub Until We Remember. Kelly- Eve was also part of the We See You Movement, an LGBTQI artivist group who took on the political action of occupying a Camps Bay mansion last year during the height of the Covid crisis. She is an alumni of the Atlantic Fellowship for Racial Equity. She currently writes for theatre film and TV. Her debut title Because I Couldn’t Kill You was published by Melinda Ferguson in 2019, she has also co – curated the LGBTQI anthology ” They Called Me Queer”. She has also been recently published in the new anthology, the Lockdown collection, published be Melinda Ferguson Books, an NB publishers imprint. She has participated in many critical dialogues around identity, race and gender on numerous platforms including but not limited to The Open Book Festival, The Nelson Mandela Foundation and the South African Book Fair.

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