"The IFC is an amazing global community of fundraising professionals, representing nonprofits working in every continent of the globe. The conference had 1,000 delegates and offers high quality production values and advanced content sessions as well as incredible networking opportunities."

Beth Kanter Trainer, speaker, blogger and author of The Networked Nonprofit books (USA)

"I've been able to see some of the world's best speakers, most successful fundraisers - the people who have literally changed the face of how the world responds to some of its challenges."

Ben Swart Head of New Corporate Partnerships NSPCC (UK)

"The sessions were amazing. All of the speakers were excellent, knowledgeable and engaging. Beyond the great sessions I attended, I got the chance to meet and learn from the best fundraising minds from around the world in between sessions over coffees and meals. I even got to meet some of my long-time fundraising heroes. The IFC was easily the five most rewarding days of my professional career."

Rory Green Associate Director, Gift & Estate Planning, Simon Fraser University (Canada)

"IFC is that one place where the fundraising community gets together to change the world."

Jordi Passola UNHCR (Switzerland)

"Going to the IFC for the first time was a truly transformational experience for me."

Blessing Tsiga Oasis Association (South Africa)

"The IFC was one of the most inspirational and energy-infusing fundraising-focused events that I've been to."

Graham Drew Founding partner, Bamboo Fundraising Recruitment (UK)

‘It’s about the quality of the conversations. IFC is one of those conferences that I absolutely can’t wait for each year!’

Kimberly Blease EVP Client Relationships, Blakely (Canada)

‘I always walk away from IFC with a huge amount of inspiration.’

Paul de Gregorio Digital Mobilisation and Engagement (UK)

"I think the IFC is the most important conference anyone in the fundraising world should attend. The sessions, inspirational ideas, forward thinking and networking opportunities are fantastic. I’ve attended the past two years, spoke this year, and plan to attend next year, for sure!"

Elise Ledsinger Director of Business Development, Engaging Networks (USA)