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Triumphant IFC Online marks turning point for Resource Alliance

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Triumphant IFC Online marks turning point for Resource Alliance as it successfully pivots to year-round global community model 

The Resource Alliance defied the obstacles created by a global pandemic to deliver the biggest, most- ethnically, intellectually, gender and culturally diverse IFC programme ever — fully virtual for 1200 fundraisers and changemakers from 80+ countries from 13 – 16 October 2020.   

With the plenary and big conversation speakers reading like a ‘Who’s Who’ of social change accelerators, the IFC Online 2020 programme was designed to challenge and question, while at the same time provide practical advice for a global audience responsible for resourcing social impact.  

Author of the awardwinning book “This is Not Propaganda” Peter Pomerantsev kicked off the IFC Online programme with a thought-provoking presentation on the rise of misinformation and populism.  He challenged NGOs to transform their communications from a narrow theme to being bigger and more holistic. “The other side are thinking very big and we need to be thinking bigger… We need to look at how we communicate facts and foster a factual discourse around our issues,” he said. 

In the Big Conversation which followedMarcus Missen (Director of Fundraising and CommunicationsWaterAid UK) facilitated a robust and headline grabbing discussion between Dr Danny Sriskandarajah (CEO, Oxfam GB), Clare Farrell (Co-Founder, Extinction Rebellion) and Kumi Naidoo (Global Ambassador, Africans Rising) on the topic “Is our sector facing an existential crisis?”.   

 On Wednesday, the audience was treated to a first-hand account of how the fundraising team at the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI), led by Jayne George, weathered the COVID storm to transform their fundraising during lockdown, by putting their donorfront and centre as one of their crew. 

The virtual stage was then given over to a special COVID-response inspired IWITOT (I Wish I’d Thought of That) delivered by SOFII and Open, featuring creative and innovative fundraising campaigns presented by speakers from the Americas, UK, Europe, East Asia, South Africa and Canada. 

On Thursday, delegates were challenged — both personally and organisationally —by a ‘riveting’ presentation from Black Lives Matter International Ambassador, Janaya ‘Future’ Khan, who invited the IFC audience of fundraisers and changemakers to “be the disruptors of truth and diviners of change” as they reimagine a society free of racial injustice. 

Delegates were then invited into a critical debate on the Big Conversation topic: “Can NGOs and social movements be authentic allies” led by Michael Silberman (Global Director Mobilisation Lab) with Madhuresh Kumar (National Convenor, National Alliance of People’s Movements, India); Carys Afoko (Co-founder, Level-Up UK); Masana Ndinga-Kanga (Crisis Response Fund Lead at CIVICUS, South Africa) and Kirsty McNeill (Executive Director for Policy, Advocacy and Campaigns at Save the Children).   

The day ended with a celebration of fundraising and change-making excellence and innovation at the Global Fundraising Awards, with finalists representing 13 countries and a cross-section of causes.    

IFC culminated on Friday with Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Muhammad Yunus, who delivered an inspired session on the theme “Building a Better Tomorrow” — with a call for all to support “creating a world of three zeros: zero net carbon emissions; zero wealth concentration; and zero unemployment”.  This was followed by a robust debate in the Big Conversation of how to #ShiftThePower from top-heavy, top down systems of international development towards a flatter and more equitable paradigm of people-based development.  The discussion was led by Jenny Hodgson (Executive Director of the Global Fund for Community Philanthropy), with Nana Afadzinu (Executive Director of the West Africa Civil Society Institute), Ambika Satkunanathan (Chairperson of the Neelan Tiruchelvam Trust), Barbara Nöst (CEO of the Zambian Governance Foundation for Civil Society) and Wolfgang Jamann (Executive Director of the of the International Centre for Civil Society). 

IFC Online represents a turning point in the Resource Alliance’s history, which through COVID has transformed itself to a global community modelreinvigorated the IFC and made it accessible to hundreds more through a new equitable membership model.  

Through the Global Community, the Resource Alliance will provide year-round, continuous learning and engagement on the most powerful ways to resource social change – not just financial but also human, technical and intellectual.   

“Our commitment is to democratize access to information. At the same time to ensure that information is provoking the right questions and challenging people in the right ways to deal with this incredible transformative shift that is underway,” said Bill Toliver, Chair of the Resource Alliance Board of Directors.  

In his closing remarks to bring IFC Online 2020 to an end, incoming CEO, Brian Higgins reaffirmed the Resource Alliance’s commitment to lead the social impact community in thought and in action by sharing knowledge and best practice and by bringing people together digitally and in person. 

“The Resource Alliance is embracing innovation to provide you with the resources and tools to help you get from where you are now to where you want to band then beyond that visible horizon into a new future that may not even seem possible now. Innovation is not optional, it is something we must do.  It is built on experience, our successes and our mistakesDriven by the needs of you, our community, Resource Alliance is committed to this innovation journey.” 

The full IFC Online programme of recorded video sessions is available through the Global Community for members.  To find out more visit www.resource-alliance.org/global-community/ 

2020 Global Fundraising Awards

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2020 Resource Alliance Global Fundraising Awards – Nominations now open!

With the entire world starting to work differently, responding to changing demands and a range of different challenges, people are rising up, showing courage, commitment, innovation and becoming the agents of change that the world needs. 

This year we want to dedicate the 2020 Resource Alliance Global Fundraising Awards to the innovative fundraisers and changemakers who are navigating the sector through this crisis. 

This is an opportunity not only to be recognised for your dedication and passion, but also to let the world know how you use that dedication and passion to help create lasting, positive change in the world.

Your success is all of our success, since as a sector we can learn from one another, encourage one another and celebrate one another.

So please take some time to nominate someone who you feel meets the criteria in the four categories below. They could be your colleagues, your staff, your boss… or yourself.


  • Winners will be recognised formally by the Resource Alliance for their outstanding contribution

  • This is a unique opportunity to showcase their individual / organisation’s work on a global platform

  • Winners will receive a grant to support the work they are doing, as well as a variety of other benefits


2020 Global Fundraising Innovator of the Year

This award is not just about money. The Global Fundraising Innovator of the Year has transformed the way their organisation works in response to the crisis. They have seen the challenges and faced them down with determination to rethink, regroup, reorganise in order to move away from transactional fundraising and into a healthy, holistic and sustainable income stream. They have set their organisation on a new financial course that will withstand the day-to-day ups and downs of economies, donor trust and interest, and the myriad other factors that can disrupt even the best fundraising plans.

The Activator Award

This award goes to an individual, campaign or collaboration that motivates the masses and activates the unstoppable force that is the power of people standing united for large-scale impact. The Activator coalesces individual donations and voices into a social movement intent on rocking the world.

The Rule-Breaker Award

Is this how fundraising is supposed to look? The Rule-Breaker Award goes to an individual or campaign which breaks the rules and paradigms of traditional fundraising. They pull the ‘F’ out of “IFC” and turn it on its head with an entirely unexpected way to resource work, creating a fresh and more sustainable model of resource development.

The Change Accelerator Award

Forward thinking. Progressive. Bold. The Change Accelerator Award goes to an individual who is advanced in their thinking, daring in their approach – and tired of the status quo. Their ideas are bigger, their goals loftier and their timeline faster. Their giant strides overshadow the baby steps of hesitation and timidity. They inspire us to the fearless pursuit of accelerating change in a time when we must displace fearfulness with fearlessness and strive for big impact. The Change Accelerator dares to live life in the fast lane of change.


The awards are free to enter, and nominations are open to all collaborations, organisations and individuals in the social impact sector.

Applications are open from 16 April to 31 July 2020, and the winners will be announced in August.


For any enquiries, please contact Ruby at ruby@resource-alliance.org 


IFC 2020 and Coronavirus

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Resource Alliance Statement on IFC 2020 and Coronavirus (or Covid-19) 

STATEMENT FROM MARCH 2020 – Please revert to update here

First, policy issues aside, our hearts and thoughts are with all the individuals, families and organisations impacted by the Coronavirus around the world. We particularly offer our deepest compassion and commitment to the members of the social impact community we serve, and the countless people and causes each of you serve. This is an incredibly challenging time for work that is already challenging in the best of times. We offer our sincerest hope that that Coronavirus does not stop us from doing that work but becomes a test of our creativity and our will to thrive and succeed on behalf of all those we serve. 

In that spirit, with IFC 2020 taking place in the middle of October (still 7 months away), the Resource Alliance team continues to plan confidently for the event. This is the 40th anniversary of our beloved gathering and we are working diligently to deliver the best IFC ever. The theme of Accelerating Change seems all the more profound in the current climate. 

We will continue to carefully assess the situation over the coming weeks and, in the spirit of complete transparency, share any updates with our community as they become available. If, for any reason, we decide to reconsider any aspect of IFC 2020, we will work with each of our registered delegates to offer a full refund of registration fees*, as well as offer the opportunity to participate in other online and offline events and forums throughout the course of the year. 

In the meantime, we continue to plan for IFC, in addition to our online conference, Fundraising Online (or #FRO2020), at the end of April. We hope you will be able to join us for both opportunities to connect, share and learn!

If you would like any further information, have any questions or want to share your thoughts with the team, we encourage you to get in touch with us at ifc@resource-alliance.org — as always, the collective wisdom of our community is our greatest source of inspiration and advice. 

*Please note that the Resource Alliance cannot cover any additional costs incurred such as flights/travel fares or visas. If individuals or organisations make the decision not to attend the event (aside from any government enforced travel bans), our standard cancellation terms apply. 

Session Leader Applications for IFC 2020 are now open

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Session Leader Applications for IFC 2020 are now open

Each year, we select 20 members from the international fundraising community to become a member of the fun and vital Session Leader team at the IFC, with the opportunity to network with world-renowned speakers and delegates from all over the world.

In exchange for your help, we will provide you with accommodation and food as well as a significantly reduced registration fee of £700.

What does a session leader do at the IFC?

You will be the first point of contact for your assigned speaker if he or she requires any assistance before, during or after their session.

In addition, session leaders will work as a group and act as an information point for delegates, speakers and the Resource Alliance staff.

Session Leader requirements

We select an international group of 20 people who themselves work in fundraising, come from a country with an emerging philanthropic culture, may be from charities with a small training budget or fundraisers staring out as consultants.

It is most important that we have an international, vibrant and flexible team that knows how to have fun and work hard too!

If you application is successful, you will be required to pay the discounted registration fee of £700 by 31st August 2020. You will also be responsible for your own travel to/from IFC 2020, including all arrangements, payments and required travel documents.

You will be required to arrive at the IFC by midday on Monday 12th October, and to leave after 3pm on Friday 16th October. Please consider these factors before applying to be a Session Leader.

How to apply to become a Session Leader at IFC 2020 

To be considered for the role, please apply by 26th June 2020. You will be notified on the outcome of your application by 13th July.

Apply Now

IFC 2020: Super Early Bird tickets now available

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IFC 2020: Super Early Bird tickets now available

The IFC is so much more than a conference. It is an interconnected, global community of fundraisers, change accelerators, radical disruptors and thought-provokers.

Over the years, the IFC has been the world-leading forum for sparking change, amplifying thinking and challenging the norm.

In October, we will come together for our 40th anniversary for in-depth masterclasses, inspiring Big Rooms and a cutting-edge workshop programme. But more than that, we’ll be bringing together some of the brightest minds to generate and share ideas and explore new ways to deliver sustainable impact – new ways to ACCELERATE CHANGE.
Our Super Early Bird pricing has just launched so when you book your place at IFC 2020 before 31 March, you’ll receive a saving of £150 across all ticket types.

Simply use the code “SUPEREARLY” to receive this saving.

Book now and get £150 off

A snapshot of the IFC experience

Encapsulating the magic of the IFC is no easy feat, you really do have to see it to believe it, however our fantastic filming partners Raw London on have produced this short film to give you a small taste of what it’s like to be part of this amazing global fundraising community!

And if that’s not enough, take a look at our Facebook gallery.

Book now and get £150 off



5 Things You Won’t Miss When You Sign Up for IFC Holland

Posted on: August 13th, 2018 by IFC Holland

The International Fundraising Congress (IFC) conferences are world-renowned networking and educational opportunities where delegates and speakers come together to share their industry knowledge and expertise.

So what are the most exciting and unmissable aspects of attending an IFC event?? Here are the Top 5 things you won’t miss if you sign up for IFC Holland 2018:

1. Speakers from more than 30 countries

We’re thrilled to announce the lineup of IFC Holland 2018! Our speakers are influential industry leaders that will be bringing you their unique and diverse perspectives from 30 countries and 6 continents.

EUROPE: Lena Vizy, (Netherlands) Senior Fundraiser, Amnesty International

Fun Fact – Lena joined the fundraising team at Amnesty in 2013. Previously she worked as a Marketer for the National Opera and Ballet of the Netherlands and The Dutch Opera.

AFRICA: Bart Weetjens, (Tanzania,) Co-Lead, The Wellbeing Project

Fun Fact – Bart initiated the use of trained giant African pouched rats (HeroRATS) as an alternative and sustainable landmine detector, in response to the global landmine challenge.

SOUTH AMERICA: Marcelo Iniarra, (Argentina,) Founder/Creative Consultant MarceloIniarra.com

Fun Fact – Marcelo was one of the global pioneers of digital mobilisation in the social sector, leading the design and implementation of cyberactivism and fundraising at Greenpeace International.

NORTH AMERICA: Caroline Riseboro, (Canada,) President & CEO, Plan International

Fun Fact – In 2017, Caroline was named Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women in the trailblazer category and she is credited with launching campaigns that have engaged Canadians on some of the world’s toughest issues.

ASIA: Khaled Khalifa, (Saudi Arabia,) Regional Representative GCC, UNHCR

Fun Fact – Khaled has worked with major international organizations in countries including Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Indonesia, Malaysia, Libya, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, and KSA

AUSTRALIA: Nicola Norris, (Australia,) Director of Fundraising and Marketing, Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Fun Fact – Nicola has dedicated her career to increasing fundraising revenue for several NGOs including Greenpeace, the Heart Foundation and Amnesty International.

2. More than 100 education opportunities

At IFC Holland, you will have your choice of deep-dive Masterclasses, interactive Workshops, inspiring Plenaries, engaging Resource Cafe sessions, and Big Room lectures.

MASTERCLASSES: A 6 ½ hour session over 2 days

Your expert speaker will guide you through powerful learnings and interactive conversations, and you’ll come away with actionable solutions.

WORKSHOPS: Hands on Learnings

You’ll gain a wealth of practical, strategic learnings boiled down into 90-minute helpings served up by some of the most focused practitioners in the social impact sector.

THE RESOURCE CAFE: Informal, fluid, conversational
The more intimate setting and less structured agendas are well suited to a lively Q&A format and an overall feeling of ‘Together We Can’ among everyone in the room.

BIG ROOM: Lectures that inspire conversation
It’s all about The Big Picture: Bigger-than-life speakers, in front of a big crowd on a big stage in a big room, talking about The Big Issues.

PLENARIES: Keynote sessions to effect change

Our opening and closing plenary sessions are specially created for IFC Holland. They are designed to inspire, to educate, and to challenge you to stretch your heart and mind, your ambition and your self-belief.

3. Networking, networking, networking

With over 1000 delegates and over 100 speakers, at IFC Holland, you’ll be gaining up-close-and-personal access to the leading changemakers of the social impact sector. Strike up a conversation about journey mapping over coffee. Learn about digital innovations from a new friend at a cocktail reception. Trade stories about rethinking fundraising strategy while dancing at the IFC Holland Gala.

And for more structured networking opportunities, don’t miss Lunch & Learns, Power Hours, and Special Social Sessions like yoga and wellness activities.

And don’t forget to “be social!” Connect with your new friends and colleagues on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook and be sure to tag #IFCHolland in your posts!

4. A chance to learn more about The Resource Alliance

The Resource Alliance was founded in 1981 as a support network to keep delegates connected and engaged between conferences. Today’s Resource Alliance still serves as a bridge from IFC to IFC, but its role and reach have expanded to include myriad education and leadership training opportunities, and a mission to foster and support collaboration within the global social impact sector.

At IFC Holland, you’ll have the chance to meet our team, learn about our global IFC events and impacts, and to discover how you can become an active member of our community. Don’t be shy when you see one of us! We’d like nothing more than to tell you more about our Mission!


You’ll hear new stories, new perspectives, enjoy specially curated sessions that you won’t see anywhere else, including our opening and closing keynotes, and you’ll discover that you are part of an amazing global movement for change.

Opening Plenary: Together We Can

Expect music. Expect powerful personal stories. Expect a call for radical collaboration. Expect to be challenged by:

  • Mesmerizing Argentinian pianist Sergio Feferovich – a musician with a message
  • Asha Curran, one of the minds behind the phenomenon that is #GivingTuesday, exploring what it looks like to put New Power principles into action
  • DSIL Global CEO Katy Grennier with a profound and personal call for our work to be driven by a radical approach to inclusion and problem solving
  • This specially created plenary will be hosted by the co-founder of Socialgiver.com, Aliza Napartivaumnuay

Closing plenary: I am a little bird and I will fly into the sky

How do you get from one of the darkest places imaginable, to a place of empowerment, even joy?

Listen to this closing plenary from Esther Dingemans, Director, The Dr Denis Mukwege Foundation, and you will begin to understand how such an extraordinary journey can be possible.

There’s no end to the chances and connections you won’t make if you don’t join us from 16-19 October, so register today for IFC Holland!

And thanks to our corporate travel partnership with Dutch airline KLM, they are kindly offering discounted flights to and from Amsterdam Schiphol for IFC delegates. When you book your tickets through us, you’ll be eligible to receive 15% off your KLM flights to IFC between 10-24 October 2018. That means you can schedule a few days before or after the conference to explore the beautiful canals, historic architecture, and exciting cultural attractions of Amsterdam!

Reasons Why Early Birds Win at IFC

Posted on: August 13th, 2018 by IFC Holland

The International Fundraising Congress (IFC) brings together a thousand changemakers, innovators, and thought leaders from over 60 countries to address the biggest challenges facing our world today. From 16-19 October, you’ll work together to create plans and calls to actions. You’ll meet your heroes, share your stories, and leave with a renewed sense of community and hope.

At IFC Holland 2018: Together We Can, we will be addressing the hottest topics and most relevant trends in the industry. And believe us, you don’t want to miss out on any of the action! When you register early for IFC Holland, you’ll get first dibs on deep-dive Masterclasses, on-site 4 star accommodation, and ticket options that match your goals and your budget.

Here are the Top Reasons Early Birds Win at IFC Holland 2018

You’ll secure the Masterclass of your choice!

IFC Masterclasses are deep-dive sessions led by industry leaders covering today’s most relevant topics in learning tracks like Leadership, Innovation, Strategy, Communications, and of course Fundraising. Masterclasses are 6 ½ hour sessions held over two days. With a maximum of 40 participants each, the sessions are designed to be interactive and intensive, guaranteeing that you’ll come away with practical and strategic learnings.

Whether you’re interested in learning about Journey Mapping or Digital Fundraising, Building Corporate Sponsorships or improving your #DonorLove, you’ll need to register for your session in advance to secure attendance.

You’ll be eligible for discounted KLM airfare to Holland!

Thanks to our corporate travel partnership with Dutch airline KLM, they are kindly offering discounted flights to and from Amsterdam Schiphol for IFC delegates. When you book your tickets through us, you’ll be eligible to receive 15% off your KLM flights to IFC between 10-24 October 2018. There are only a limited number of discounted tickets available, and you must be able to provide proof of your IFC Holland 2018 registration.

You’ll be able to reserve 4 star on-site accommodation!

IFC Holland is held at the four star conference centre NH Leeuwenhorst Hotel, approximately 30-40 minutes away from Amsterdam City Centre and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The on-site rooms in the conference centre are reserved for delegates who have booked the Masterclass Programme only and are on a first-come, first-served basis. There are only a limited number of onsite rooms available at at NH Leeuwenhorst Hotel, so late registrants will have to stay off-site at one of our satellite hotels, accessible by shuttle bus service

You’ll be able to choose a ticket type to suit your goals & budget!

IFC Holland offers a variety of ticket tiers that vary by conference access level and accommodation type (Economy – Deluxe:)

  • If you book our IFC programme that includes an intensive Masterclass with accommodation, the cost includes 3 nights’ accommodation with breakfast, 4 lunches (Tuesday to Friday), 3 evening meals including entry into our Gala night, tea & coffee and of course attendance to our workshops and big room sessions.
  • If you book our standard IFC programme (not including access to our Masterclasses) with accommodation, the cost includes 2 nights’ accommodation with breakfast, 3 lunches (Wednesday to Friday), 2 evening meals including entry into our Gala night, tea & coffee and attendance at to our workshops and big room sessions.

When you book ahead, you can choose the package that’s right for you.

IFC Holland is an investment in you, your organisation, your cause, and the change you want to see and create in the world! When you register for IFC Holland early, you’ll have the opportunity to make the absolute most out of your experience.

Don’t let #FOMO get you down! Book your ticket today and together we can have the best and most impactful #IFCHolland experience yet!


5 Burning Questions IFC Holland Will Answer

Posted on: July 27th, 2018 by IFC Holland

The International Fundraising Congress (IFC) brings together 1000s of changemakers, innovators, and thought leaders from over 60 countries to address the biggest challenges facing our world today. For four days in October, we work together to create plans and calls to actions. We meet our heroes, share our stories, and leave with a renewed sense of community and hope.

At IFC Holland: Together We Can, we will also be addressing the hottest topics and most relevant trends in the industry. Through deep-dive Masterclasses, interactive Workshops, inspiring Plenaries, and even over coffee, industry experts will present invaluable insights from both their successes and their failures in sectors ranging from Fundraising and Philanthropy to Leadership and Communications and Digital Innovations.

Here are the 5 Burning Questions IFC 2018 Will Answer for the Social Impact Sector:

1. What is “people-powered change” and why should I care?

If you want to learn more about the latest advocacy and campaigning methodologies that can engage millions and inspire them to act, don’t miss “Creating people-powered change: campaigning theories, strategies and tactics to engage and mobilise people to action,

Learning Outcomes:

  • How to develop public mobilisation campaign strategies that engage supporters and motivate them to take meaningful action
  • How to leverage culture to develop stories that inspire supporters
  • How to design outreach strategies and tactics to recruit new supporters and reach existing ones effectively

This engaging Masterclass is taught by Michael Silberman, Senior Digital Campaigns Strategist, Mobilisation Lab and Gautam Raju, Campaign Director, Purpose.

2. Who are the new philanthropists – and how do I reach them?

The exponential growth of new foundations and new money across the globe means that we need to create new ways of reaching these diverse and evolving sectors. “New Foundations, New Money: Getting into the Minds of Today’s Philanthropists” will be your guide to finding innovative solutions.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the size, scope and trends of the new wave of foundations in Europe and Asia
  • Understand the relevance and importance of social enterprise in new foundation finance
  • Understand the role of advisors, including the banks, in developing relationships in this segment

This interactive Masterclass is taught by Christopher Carnie, Founder and Director, Factary and Rafia Qureshi, Executive Director, The Womanity Foundation.

3. How do I make my messaging stick?

What are the secrets to messaging in a world where technologies are constantly evolving? How does successful messaging really connect, engage, and push people to act? Find out how during “Sticky Marketing Troubleshooting Session – Interactive Resource Cafe Session.”

Learning Outcomes:

  • Move beyond theory to viable marketing and communications solutions
  • Gain a strategic understanding of the new rules of engaging with stakeholders, volunteers and donors
  • Address YOUR questions and challenges and bring home a plan of action for creating impactful messaging

This personalized session is taught by Grant Leboff, CEO, Sticky Marketing Club Kyla Shawyer, CEO, The Resource Alliance.

4. 500,000 new supporters from Facebook? Really?

Are you ready for a social media success story that also comes with step-by-step guidance to achieve your own scalable digital transformation? Don’t miss “500k New Supporters From Facebook. Who Said Digital Isn’t Scalable?

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how to SCALE digital using Facebook and an acquisition funnel.
  • Learn the key tactics for boosting online-only conversion to reduce the impact on tele-marketing
  • Understand the key organisational challenges and opportunities of moving to a digital lead generation and conversion programme

This active Workshop is taught by Nick Burne, Founder CEO, RAISETHRU and Danni Adam, Senior Direct Marketing Executive, Greenpeace.

5. Are we ready to #ShiftThePower?

We can all agree that it’s about time for open and frank conversations about our industry. “It’s time to talk about power and grassroots fundraising. Are we ready to #ShiftThePower?” will address why and how we fundraise in non-traditional countries and the impact we have — for good or for bad.

Learning Outcomes:

  • A reflection and discussion around power and values in our work, and whether our practices and tools support or undermine them
  • An appreciation of fundraising / local resource mobilization as a core development strategy
  • An introduction to the #ShiftThePower movement

This debate-style Resource Cafe Session is taught by Corine Aartman, Consultant/Trainer, Wilde Ganzen Foundation and Jenny Hodgson, Executive Director, Global Fund for Community Foundations.

Join us this year from 16-18 October to boldly answer the burning questions of our time. Together We Can share our knowledge and break down walls!



5 Things You’ll Learn from IFC Holland

Posted on: July 27th, 2018 by IFC Holland

With theme of “Together We Can,” this year’s International Fundraising Congress (IFC) will offer opportunities for fundraisers, innovators, changemakers, and game changers to network and share ideas. But above all, you will be able to put your heads and heart together to collaboratively overcome the biggest challenges we face in the social impact sector today.

Through deep-dive Masterclasses, interactive Workshops, inspiring Plenaries, and even over coffee, industry experts will present invaluable insights from both their successes and their failures in sectors ranging from Fundraising and Philanthropy to Leadership and Communications and Digital Innovations.

There is no end to the possibilities of what you will take away from ”Together We Can,” but we wanted to share our hotlist of the Top 5 Things You’ll Learn from IFC Holland 2018:

1. Blockchain Technology and You

“Blockchain” is one of the newest buzzwords to hit the beat this year. But what does this tech trend have to do with your organization, and how can you harness it’s potential? During the “Innovation in Fundraising: The Blockchain” Workshop, Duncan Cook, CEO, 3 Sided Cube, will breakdown blockchain opportunities for fundraisers, and examine, “how it could change the way charities work in the future.”

Together we can… use tech for good to make the world a better place!

2. The Science Behind Support

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes some people more generous than others? The innovative Big Room Session “The Neuroscience of Philanthropy: A Fundraisers’ Guide to How Supporter Brains Work” will address the science behind giving. You’ll learn surprising facts about the way we think and make decisions, and how to improve your communications from Bernard Ross, Director, The Management Centre (=mc), Meredith Niles, Executive Director of Fundraising & Engagement, Marie Curie UK, Omar Mahmoud, Chief of Market Knowledge, UNICEF, Geoffrey Peters, CEO, Moore DM Group.

Together we can… use our brains for social good!

3.  Journey Mapping for the Win

Understanding the “donor experience” is a critical step to engaging long-term sustainable giving. Through the process of Journey Mapping, you will learn about the who, what, when, where, and how’s of what motivates your donors. With this knowledge, you will discover how, “to transform how you view, and support, your donors,” through the Masterclass, “Journey Mapping: Empathize with your donors so they can empathize with your cause. Learn to map your donors’ journeys to better understand and meet their needs, and your own.” Speakers include Michael Johnston, President and Founder, hjc, Diana Ruano Ortiz, Global Donor Development Manager, UNHCR, and Brian Walsh, Principal, Structured Empathy.

Together we can… transform our donor relationships!

4. Putting Digital First in Your Integrated Campaign

Has your organization been victim to the war between fundraising, communications and campaigns? In reality, these aspects of your foundation must be working together to achieve your goals. In the Workshop “Radical future: How digital-first campaigning organisations are changing fundraising forever,” you’ll discover how to integrate your strategies to focus on the infinite potential of digital. You’ll learn from real-world success models from Jon Lloyd, Advocacy Campaigns Manager, Mozilla and Anne Isakowitsch, Senior Campaigner, SumOfUs.org and Co-Founder, Campaign Bootcamp Germany.

Together we can… make radical change possible through digital!

5. Improve your Corporate Fundraising Game

Do you feel like you simply cannot compete with Big Brands when it comes to acquiring corporate partnerships? You are not alone! Believe it or not, there are ways for organisations of all sizes to successfully compete in the corporate fundraising game. The making of a modern corporate fundraiser: How to win breakthrough corporate partnerships and develop your own personal influence” will give you the tools and the confidence to “compete and win against bigger names and bigger budgets.” Workshop hosted by Adam Heuman, Director of Engagement, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and Helena Sharpstone, Director/Co-owner, Sharpstone Skinner.

Together we can… gain the confidence to achieve our fundraising goals!

Whatever challenges or goals you face, at IFC Holland 2018, you will meet like-minded peers and mentors to help you on your fundraising journey. Whether you’re a fundraiser newbie or an established industry thought leader, you’ll leave IFC with a renewed sense of community and the connections you’ll need to achieve your mission.


Our Top 5 Learnings from IFC Holland

Posted on: July 27th, 2018 by IFC Holland

In October 2017, the international fundraising and social impact community gathered together for 4 days outside Amsterdam to spark conversations that would collectively change the course of the fundraising world. IFC Holland 2017: A New Conversation was attended by over 1000 delegates from 60 countries, eager to share their social impact knowledge and experience with each other, because it is only by working together that we can overcome the challenges that face our world.

Through deep-dive Masterclasses, interactive Workshops, inspiring Plenaries, and even over coffee, industry experts presented invaluable insights from both their successes and their failures in sectors ranging from Fundraising and Philanthropy to Leadership and Communications and Digital Innovations.

While what we learned from the conference could certainly fill a book, our Top 5 Learnings from IFC Holland 2017 were:

1 . Rethinking the Value of Volunteers

Delegates were urged to specifically rethink their attitudes towards volunteers as not just “free labor,” but instead as key team players. Volunteers are the backbone of our industry. Without them, we would not be able to effect the change our organisations are striving to achieve. IFC Holland taught us that by empowering our volunteer networks to be more active and engaged with staff, together we can achieve our missions!

2. Showing Some Donor Love

“Donor Fatigue” is plaguing the sector. The conundrum is that the more desperately we try to reach our donors for support, the less likely they are to give. Speakers at IFC Holland 2017 challenged us to rethink how we engage with our donor base by deepening these relationships. This can be achieved by opening the lines of communication, encouraging collaborations, and generally showing our donors some much needed LOVE!

3. Overcoming Barriers to New Innovations

In our digitally driven world, innovation is king. In the nonprofit world, “the Bottom Line” is what takes precedence, often leaving many small to mid-sized organizations vulnerable to being left behind because of bandwidth, finances, and fear of failure. IFC 2017 sessions focused on giving us the tools to recognize and overcome barriers to innovation, specifically how to operate in a climate that encourages risk and allows for failure, thus creating outcomes the might never have otherwise realized.

4. Marketing to Millennials

The future of fundraising is the Millennial Market – but how do we reach this digitally-obsessed, short-attention-spanned market that demands transparency, results, and above all “realness?” IFC 2017 delegates learned how young people can be cultivated from “awareness to activism to giving.” This youth demographic requires new ways of thinking, non-conventional outreach, and revolutionary campaigning, long before they even have the capacity to give. One thing is for sure: Millenials are definitely worth the investment from our industry.

5. Beyond Fundraising

One of the most common themes running through IFC Holland 2017 was that social impact depends on more than just fundraising. For sustainable growth and long-term success, we must begin to explore innovative financing and partnership opportunities. Because of the temperamental nature of fundraising, our very survival depends upon being open to new ideas – even including sharing our success secrets with each other… which is exactly what IFC is all about!

After all the sessions, networking opportunities, and plenaries, we could all agree that conversation and collaboration are vitally necessary to invigorate and sustain our social impact work. Building on the learnings of 2017, this year’s IFC will focus on the theme of “Together We Can.” We hope that you can join the conversation from 16-18 October, 2018 in Holland where together we can change the world!