Great Fundraising Masterclass

“Having attended the recorded pop up sessions, it was enthralling to see Alan Clayton live! The master class was great, it was a good refresher and priced right, really good value for money!”


Nonceba Lushaba – P.E.A.C.E foundation




Following last year’s sell out success in Cape Town, the Resource Alliance and top-rated IFC speaker Alan Clayton are partnering to bring his world-class, two-day Great Fundraising Masterclass to Johannesburg in May 2018.

Learn the cultures and behaviours required to significantly grow your income and drive the mission of your organisation. And find out if you have got what it takes to become a “great” fundraising leader.

This energetic, inspiring and transformative masterclass will be hosted by the Gordon Institute of Business Science (GIBS) in Illovo, Sandton.

Great fundraising” allows you to achieve audacious growth of your organisation’s mission. It is substantial growth, increasing your income by two, three or four times over a period of years. Formed by a unique mix of academic research and case studies from around the world, the Great Fundraising Masterclass pays particular reference to the Great Fundraising Report, available on the Alan Clayton Associates website.

It is highly energetic, participative and will leave you inspired to act.


Alan is chairman of Alan Clayton Associates, based in Scotland and Denmark and currently active in Australia, Finland, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Holland, the UK, Canada and the USA, and working with clients in many more countries, recently Serbia, Switzerland, Spain and Germany.

He is Managing Partner at the Inch Hotel and Inspiration Centre, Loch Ness, Scotland and board chair at Karat Marketing, a telephone fundraising agency in Dunfermline, UK. He has recently launched international agency Creative Without Compromise.

Alan has previously held major fundraising and leadership posts and served as Chief Executive Officer of three fundraising agencies.

One of the leading consultants, coaches, creative directors and inspirational speakers, Alan has worked with over 320 non-profit clients around the world. His specialisms are emotional behaviour, board and executive team development, creative strategy, donor insight and motivation and he has published much original research and theory.

Alan is a keen mountaineer, powerboat skipper and golfer and has a reputation for insight, inspiration and for saying things others don’t dare to.

• How massive fundraising drives the mission of your organisation, and vice versa.

• How organisations unite behind and become proud of their fundraising.

• How to release massive investment in fundraising, and what this investment can achieve.

• How your leadership drives fundraising performance, and how you can become a great fundraising leader.

• How to support a continuous learning culture as the secret to innovation and growth.

• How to find the single proposition that unites and drives your organisation.



What did 2017 participants say about this Masterclass?

“This masterclass stimulated new ways of thinking, fed into my learning need and provide useful tools that intend to use in my work space.” – Randall Adams – Stellenbosch University

“I was tremendously fed with good solid information.” – Amanda Nortje – Thembalitsha Foundation

“Great great great, just what I needed. Wouldn’t change anything. The research-based examples were excellent. The speaker is good and presented in a knowledgeable, easy to understand and fun way.” – Mariska Schoeman – Cotlands

“Never once was I distracted, bored or inattentive. The sessions have been highly relevant and will have an impact that will benefit my project. I cannot think of one thing that you could do better.” – Anya Morris, Africa A+ Schools

“It was inspiring, informative and made one really rethink the way one fundraises.” – Louise Driver, Children’s Hospital Trust