What is the IFC?

IFC sessions ranges from interactive masterclasses and deep-dive workshops to large scale plenaries and big room talks.

You will have the opportunity to curate your own IFC experience according to content topics relevant to your work, such as fundraising, innovation, leadership, and many more…

Our IFC speakers come from a wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, and are internationally recognised for their impacts and influence in the social good sector.



Our opening and closing plenaries are specially created for the IFC. They are designed to inspire, to educate, and to challenge you to stretch your heart and mind, your ambition and your self-belief.

IFC plenaries are presented by prominent figures in the social good sector and beyond. Past speakers have included Esther Dingemans, Director, The Dr Denis Mukwege Foundation, Sergio Feferovich, Orchestra Conductor, Asha Curran, Chief Innovation Officer, 92nd Street Y/#GivingTuesday, and Amanda Palmer, Singer/Songwriter & Social Activist.

These presentations are curated and developed to set the tone for the conference. To ask the big questions. To inspire challenging conversations. And to bring us all together in the knowledge that together we can change the world!


Masterclasses are six and a half hours of intensive learning over two days. IFC masterclasses have a limited number of attendees so you will experience more powerful conversation, more intense exploration, and more deep-dive learning with an intimate group of delegates.

IFC masterclasses cover the most relevant and crucial topics facing the social impact sector, and are categorised by tracks like Fundraising and Engagement, Leadership and Strategy, and Future Gazing and Disruption.

Your masterclass session is also an opportunity to interact with the renowned speakers on a more personal level.

The lessons you learn can be directly applied to your work, and the connections you make can help shape the future of fundraising!

The masterclass programme is an optional addition to your IFC experience, but we recommend that delegates sign up for a masterclass to allow them to make the most of their time at the IFC, and to fully explore their chosen topic with one or more of our top IFC speakers.


IFC workshops offer a wealth of practical, strategic learning boiled down into 90-minute sessions served up by some of the most focused practitioners in the social impact sector.

Like IFC masterclasses, workshops tracks range from topics like Future Gazing and Disruption to Partnerships and Commercial. 

During your workshop, you’ll get an overview on a wide range of topics and concepts, and will have the chance to interact with exciting speakers and a range of colleagues.

Workshops are hands-on so you’ll be not only be learning from presentations, but also engaging in thoughtful discussions and conceptual challenges.

Delegates have the opportunity to attend up to six different workshops, each lasting one and a half hours in length.

Big Room Sessions

Bigger-than-life speakers, in front of a big crowd on a big stage in a big room, talking about The Big Issues.

Big room sessions are presented by internationally renowned speakers covering big picture issues. Big rooms are your chance to see some of the brightest minds in fundraising and beyond tackling the most challenging issues our world is facing today.

Speakers not only bring their great wealth of experience to their big room sessions, but also their most innovative and ambitious solutions.

Previous big room sessions have included “I Wish I’d Thought of That (IWITOT): The fundraising campaigns that have inspired the sector,” “The Neuroscience of philanthropy: A fundraisers’ guide to how supporter brains work,” “Women’s Leadership Panel,” and “Futurology: Jumping the gap between tomorrow’s possibilities and today’s realities.”

The Resource Café

Our Resource Café events are more fluid than other session types. They allow you to engage informally with speakers and with each other: big on conversation, small on presentation, and with abundant couches!

The more intimate setting and less structured agendas of the Resource Café sessions are well suited to a lively Q&A format, more back-and-forth between speaker and audience, and an overall feeling of ‘Together We Can’ among everyone in the room.

Past Resource Café sessions have included “Facilitation: What it is, what it can be used for and how you get really good at it!,” “Ethics, unplugged,” “Sticky marketing troubleshooting: An interactive session,” and “The Unplenary: Together we can, unplugged.”

Power Hours

During an IFC power hour, you’ll find opportunities for structured networking, or you may encounter a brand-new speaker at IFC sharing some of the freshest ideas you’ve ever (or never) heard of.

That’s our IFC power hour sessions, where you never know what you’re going to get!

These highly engaging and interactive sessions are a great way to finish the first day of the main IFC programme.