IFC Pop Ups

“What an exceptional informative day. I was truly blown away by the quality of presentations and the continuous conversations of sharing ideas and knowledge. It was great seeing everyone and knowing that we all face similar challenges.”

— Siyabonga Khoza, YMCA Pietermartizburg

Our Vision for IFC Pop Ups

The Resource Alliance sees a world where social impact organisations of every size and type are able to easily and affordably access the knowledge, tools, training, advice and support they need to build stronger, more resilient organisations, which bring about positive social and environmental change in our world.

We see a world where social impact organisations are inspired to develop innovative ways of mobilizing resources locally, so as to reduce their dependence on external and international funding.

We see a world where social impact leaders, social entrepreneurs, fundraisers and anyone responsible for resource mobilization are not only accessing resources, information and tools but are also given a safe space to share their challenges, learnings and opportunities with one another, in order to help themselves and others achieve greater success and in so doing create greater social impact.

Through our IFC Pop Ups we aim to provide social impact organisations around the world with easy, affordable access to resource mobilisation knowledge and tools presented by leading edge thought leaders. We’ll do this by working in collaboration with local partners who share our vision so that together we can strengthen the financial sustainability of more social impact organisations of every size and type.

What’s an IFC Pop Up?

These are one-day fundraising inspiration and learning sessions jam packed with some of the best speakers from IFC Holland and IFC Asia.

Presented in video format with live Q&A via Skype with some of the speakers, the IFC Pop Ups gives you the opportunity to learn from some of the world’s leading fundraising experts and network with peers on how to apply learnings locally. Affordable and accessible, the IFC Pop Ups will give you great fundraising insight and inspiration.

The Great Fundraising Masterclass_104

Growing IFC Pop Ups

The Resource Alliance is committed to strengthening social impact organisations around the world by taking the IFC to them.  We started our IFC Pop Up journey in South Africa and in 2019 we’re expanding..so stay tuned.

If you are interested in partnering with us to bring the IFC Pop Ups to your country so that more fundraisers can experience the magic of the IFC, please contact Sarah Scarth or Ruby Chadwick at ifcpopups@resource-alliance.org.

The Great Fundraising Masterclass_113


“If you do anything with fundraising, non profits, volunteers, advocacy… you have to be at the IFC Pop Ups!”

Shawn Buck, Partner Relations Manager, Ubuntu Football

IFC Holland & IFC Pop Ups: South Africa Attendee