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What is Fundraising Online?

Fundraising Online is a free online conference from the Resource Alliance, taking place on 29 and 30 April 2020.

The content is wide-ranging for all your fundraising, changemaking and innovating needs, with a strong focus on digital fundraising and engagement, how to harness emerging and disruptive tech trends, and what’s coming next over the horizon.

#FRO2020 sessions will cover all elements of how charities and campaign groups can use digital to engage with the public at scale. From the very best of digital fundraising, public engagement and movement building to the most insightful guides on how to deliver effective digital activity across web, social media and email, as well as the most practical and applicable use of new technologies. Sessions will be underpinned by case studies and examples from around the globe.

#FRO2020 is free and accessible for organisations of all types and sizes, from all around the globe, so watch our stellar line-up of speakers and learn how to benefit from digital trends and technological change. 

Over 5,000 participants from 120 countries joined us over the two days of the conference in 2019. We expect #FRO2020 to be even bigger and better, so register now and join us on 29 and 30 April 2020.


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Speaking at #FRO2020

Ailbhe Smyth (Ireland)

Convenor, Coalition to Repeal the 8th Amendment

Sophie Chen (Hong Kong)

Centre for Social Innovation Studies, Chinese University of Hong Kong
Belinda Dimovski

Belinda Dimovski (Australia)

Director Engagement and Support, Australian Red Cross ,
Ruth Wicks

Ruth Wicks (Australia)

Senior Consultant, More Strategic

Kishshana Palmer (USA)

The Rooted Collaborative + Kishshana &Co
Grainne Callan

Gráinne Callan (UK)

Head of Supporter Recruitment, Greenpeace
Liz Ngonzi

Elizabeth Ngonzi (USA)

New York University Center for Global Affairs
Joao Paulo Vergueiro 2020 (1)

João Paulo Vergueiro (Brazil)

CEO, ABCR - Brazilian Fundraisers Association

Sofie Redzematovic (Sweden)

Business Developer, The Swedish Heart Lung Foundation
Supriya Paul

Supriya Paul (India)

Director and Co-Founder, Josh Talks

Nick Burne (UK)

Managing Partner, Nick Burne Consulting
Daniel Barco

Daniel Barco (Switzerland)

Junior Data Scientist, getunik
Alex Aggidis 2020

Alex Aggidis (UK)

Interim Head of Individual Giving, Friends of the Earth
Chris Steeves

Chris Steeves (Canada)

Senior Consultant, Global Philanthropic

Usha Menon (Singapore)

Executive Chairman, Usha Menon Management Consultancy
Thibault Dujardin

Thibault Dujardin (Belgium)

Digital Unit Team Leader, Médecins Sans Frontières
Chris Dellaca

Chris Dellaca (UK)


Eva Hieninger (Germany)

Partner & Managing Director, getunik GmbH
Joe Escalante Coney

Joe Escalante Coney (UK)

Co-Executive Director, Forward Action

Michael Sabat (USA)

Director of Business Development, Engaging Networks
Julia Campbell

Julia Campbell (USA)

CEO & Founder, J Campbell Social Marketing
Anne Clark

Anne Clark (UK)

Digital Strategy Manager, Forward Action
Charlotte Field Good Works Canada

Charlotte Field (Canada)

Senior Philanthropic Counsel, Good Works
Gaby Gollub

Gaby Gollub (USA)

Manager Online Marketing, WWF
Eszter Hartay

Eszter Hartay (Netherlands)

Senior Legal Advisor, European Center for Not-for-Profit Law
Andrew Wiley

Andrew Wiley (USA)

Director of Annual Giving, World Wildlife Fund
Valentin Gicquel 2020

Valentin Gicquel (France)

Category Manager, Danone
Qianwen Ding 2020

Qianwen Ding (China)

CSR Manager, Alibaba Group
Adva Priso 2020

Adva Priso (USA)

Senior Vice President, CCAH
Charlotte Fortun 2020

Charlotte Fortun (France)

Head of Fundraising, 1001fontaines
Brad Lichtenstein 2020

Brad Lichtenstein (USA)

President, 371 Productions
Jennifer Shailer

Jennifer Shailer (Australia)

Head of Customer Experience, Australian Red Cross

#FRO2020 Keynote Speakers

Ireland: The historic campaign which legalised abortion (Ailbhe Smyth, Ireland)

How reframing a narrative can change opinions

Hear first-hand from Ailbhe Smyth about the Together for Yes campaign which galvanised huge numbers of people to give, canvass, campaign and vote for historic change in Ireland. Specifically how some people were influenced to change their vote.

On 25th May 2018, Ireland voted by an overwhelming majority to overturn its constitutional ban on abortion. This session will tell the story of how the campaign radically re-framed the narrative of abortion so as to encourage a change in perspective of the many thousands of voters who were either opposed to abortion or confused and undecided.

You’ll learn about the two-year pre-campaign research process which involved conversations with a wide range of stakeholders and activists. And lessons will be shared about the careful drafting and testing of messages as well as the ‘on the ground’ training with canvassers, social media influencers and activists.

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Together For Yes

Hong Kong: The self-organisation of a leaderless movement (Sophie Chen, China)

What can we learn from the digital organising and campaign strategies?

Be inspired by the digital organisation and strategies of the Hong Kong protestors who managed to engage the world and attract nationwide support.

Since the summer of 2019 a mass movement has grown in Hong Kong to fight a government proposal to allow extraditions to mainland China. As fundraisers, what can we learn from the protestors?

In this session, activist and researcher Sophie Chen will share her observations of how the movement was so successful in gathering support. You’ll learn how people from both moderate and radical flanks came together in solidarity to offer strength and what digital tactics were being used to keep them united.

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Hong Kong: The self-organisation of a leaderless movement

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