Fundraising Online 2019 Speakers


New #FRO speakers are being added so please keep your eye on this page for updates… 

Alex Lloyd Hunter (UK)

Co-Executive Director, Forward Action

Beate Sørum (Norway)

Digital Fundraising Consultant, B Bold

Dani Gonzalez (Spain)

Executive Director, dgtl fundraising

Filipe Páscoa (Brazil)

Chief Intelligence & Innovation Officer, Trackmob

Jan Uekermann (Switzerland)

CEO, Uekermann Fundraising & Communication Consultancy

Julie Roberts (UK)

Director, More Strategic

Kishshana Palmer (USA)

CEO, Kishshana & Co. // Chief Growth Officer, The Future Project

Louise Corden (UK)

Lead Digital Producer, NSPCC

Madeline Stanionis (USA)

Principal & Creative Director, M+R

Marcelo Iniarra


Michael Sabat (USA)

Head of Sales, FrontlineSMS

Natasha Akib (Australia)

Director, Stories for Impact, Digital Storytellers

Natasha Stone (UK)

Emerging Markets & Gaming for Social Good, JustGiving

Nick Burne (UK)

Founder CEO, GivePanel

Nicolas Danet (France)

Global Membership Director,

Nikki Bell (UK)

Fundraising Consultant, KEDA Consulting