Membership Benefits

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The Resource Alliance Global Community is all about people power. Our commitment to bringing people together as a community was inspired by the fact that — for 40-years — engaged, collaborative groups of talented people have been the fuel to everything important we have ever accomplished.

A fully engaged social movement is not only our goal, it is our operating model — the greater the number of people who join us, the greater the impact we will have. Our objective is to provide such an outstanding and important experience for everyone who engages with our amazing community of fundraisers and changemakers that non-members will eagerly aspire to become part of our social movement.

A deep commitment to break down barriers to access — for everyone.

We are committed to providing the most equitable access to the best content, collaboration and experiences available anywhere — for everyone. There are two options to choose from when joining the Resource Alliance Global Community. You can either become a MEMBER or a FRIEND. 

For a limited time only (for those registering before 1 September 2020), new Members can enjoy extended membership, allowing them to access content and events until December 2021. This is up to 6 months of bonus content and includes virtual access to two IFCs – in 2020 and 2021!

Here is a what to expect:

What’s included Friends (free) Members(membership fee)
Online Hub community discussions and chat groups tailored to specific themes or challenges in various regions of the world X  X
A community-sourced Resource Library (videos, blogs, news, toolkits) in multiple languages  X  X
Fundraising Fundamentals (a series of webinars on the basics elements of fundraising) X  X
Access to Fundraising Online (#FRO2021) digital fundraising conference in Spring 2021  X  X
Access to a global network of fundraisers & changemakers including a members-only directory  X
Monthly Plenary and Big Conversations launching from August 2020  X
Interactive workshops delivered in multiple languages and for multiple time zones  X
Innovation Lab hackathons and problem-solving discussions  X
Cyber Café small-group discussions and roundtables relating to the monthly topic  X
Free access to IFC Online: Virtual Summit – our week-long festival of fundraising and changemaking  X
A 12-month Masterclass programme aimed at providing in-depth learning opportunities
(at an additional, discounted cost — launching later this year)
Networking, wellbeing, and social events each month, allowing further community building  X


MEMBERS of the Resource Alliance Community will receive more than 120 online and face-to-face opportunities to learn, collaborate, create, problem solve and explore new thinking over the course of each year. Each activity is designed to improve our members’ effectiveness in resourcing the critical work of the organisations and causes they serve. In addition, members will receive free unlimited access to IFC Online a ground-breaking Virtual Summit. Membership fees are based on what each organisation is able to pay – ranging from £10 to £42 a month. Find out more.



FRIENDS of the Resource Alliance Global Community will have free access to valuable tools and services, provided by our community to help FRIENDS learn the fundamentals of fundraising and resource mobilisation. This world-class content will be accessible on-demand 24/7/365 anywhere in the world to anyone who can benefit from it — and it will constantly evolve over time.



If you have any questions about our Membership benefits or pricing, take a look at the FAQ or get in touch if you want to discuss with the team.