Our 2020 Monthly Themes

Year-round content and events 

The Resource Alliance Global Community is a deeply engaged family of fundraisers and changemakers who are exploring, challenging and learning from each other every day. Every month — guided by some of the world’s best thinkers and doers — we will curate a powerful program of events, workshops and experiences. Each offering unique insights into a key component of our central theme for 2020:

Accelerating Change



The Black Lives Matter movement. Extinction Rebellion. Prodemocracy protests in Hong Kong. Eight million people fighting to save the Arctic. The People are back, and they are the greatest resource you have! Together we will explore how to shift your resource mobilisation work to tap into the power of an activist public.


  • Work through ways to harness social activism to resource your work
  • Debate whether NGOs and social movements can be authentic partners
  • Learn how 8m people around the world are working together to save the Arctic
  • Explore the critical success factors of the protest movement in Hong Kong
  • Understand how the Bernie Sanders Campaign transformed elections across the globe
  • Hear from young activists on how you can better support youth-led groups and movements
  • Discuss the social transformation made possible by Black Lives Matter
  • Get a dose of reality (and inspiration) from Extinction Rebellion


September 2020


What would Gandhi have done with a smart phone? Transformative social impact does not just require doing new things, it requires thinking in new ways. Together we will explore how to use tools that were designed to create transactions and habit and turn them into powerful instruments of social change!

  • Explore the profound changes that will define a digital world with a renowned Futurologist
  • Discuss how we can create change and protect the privacy of donors and the people we serve
  • Understand how USA for UNHCR has democratised data to resource their work
  • Get insights into how non-profits have moved to virtual events and how have they made them successful
  • Learn how grassroots organisations are embracing digital and leaping ahead of larger NGOs
  • Hear about the latest cutting-edge digital fundraising tools as ‘Tech for Good’ grows exponentially 
  • Consider the intersection of digital rights and the civic space



Tuesday 13 October: Reflections on crisis: The acceleration of change
A series of forums to help each of us make sense of the seismic shifts that are underway in our sector, brought into sharp focus by ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and their implications to our work. Together we will discuss the challenges that were inherent in the ‘old normal’ and open our hearts and heads to opportunities that are possible in a ‘new normal’. 

Wednesday 14 October: Tools and tactics: Becoming an agent (vs victim) of change
We’ll equip our community with new tools and practical and tangible models for success. We will highlight the tools and tactics used by organisations who were able to adapt to the new landscape and rise from a global pandemic and economic downturn stronger than ever. You’ll leave inspired and energised!

Thursday 15 October: Digital innovation and social activism: The possibilities of people power
Join us for an exciting study of the new ways people are connecting, strategising, organising, mobilising and making a difference together. We will explore how disruption has accelerated progress towards digital communities and how to capitalise on a new era of digital engagement and social activism.

Friday 16 October: A better way: Building a new normal together
Taking a deep breath and setting our sights on a better tomorrow. We’ll consider the role fundraisers and changemakers must play in creating a more just, equitable and healthy world. Moving away from an era that was driven by consumer-minded transactional fundraising and toward a more sustainable model of support for the causes that drive our work. We will end this day with a pledge to each other, and a commitment to the agenda for the coming year. 

Learn more about IFC Online: Virtual Summit here

November and December 2020

Organisations in the fight for social change and those supporting us in that fight are all rethinking what the entire concept of leadership means. The stark difference between old and new power creates incredible struggle and crisis.  Together we will explore progressive models that are creating new possibilities for progress!

  • Learn how to lead when the future is uncertain, and the earth is moving under your feet
  • Analyse how big philanthropy is shifting its approach a result of COVID-19
  • Understand how to practise truly diverse and inclusive leadership
  • Supercharge your organisation’s ability to innovate, change, and make real progress
  • Practise agile fundraising — it is possible to build and flourish in times of uncertainty
  • Explore the Trojan Horse strategy to get your board and SLT to shift resources
  • Consider what leaders in the non-profit sector can learn from indigenous knowledge
  • …and more!


January 2021


Storytelling is the single most important tool we have to bring focus to human priorities and courage to human activity. Together we will explore how to use revolutionary social media, augmented virtual reality, gaming and a host of new ways to motivate people to act through the ancient art of storytelling!

  • Explore the learnings from the COVID-19 story and how it will change our fundraising communication
  • Learn the new ways storytelling can rally people to create change in a digital world
  • Be inspired by the possibilities of virtual and augmented reality to create deep individual meaning
  • Investigate how the fundamentals of gaming can create a new approach to storytelling
  • Discuss how stories can bring greater substance and meaning to data and measurement
  • Understand how telling stories has evolved in a more transactional world
  • …and more (we release programme and speakers on 1 August)!

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